Plantation FL supercharger in blast zone of gas explosion

Plantation FL supercharger in blast zone of gas explosion

Scary since many of us have charged here routinely.

NKYTA | 06. juli 2019

Holy ouch! | 06. juli 2019

Yikes! The video of the aftermath briefly pans over some of the Supercharger stalls. which has quit a bit of debris in the parking lot.

RedJ | 06. juli 2019

Next headline: Tesla Supercharger “involved” in explosion at Plantation Mall

Bighorn | 06. juli 2019

There was one car charging, at least, and another Model 3 parked nearby.

RedJ | 06. juli 2019

Wow. Hope no one was killed and the those injured recover. I imagine it could take quite a while for them to determine if there are any casualties in an explosion that large.

Bighorn | 06. juli 2019

Just looked at my itinerary and I drove right by that with sufficient charge about 36 hours ago.

Bighorn | 06. juli 2019

Person charging listed amongst the injured.

TheMatrix | 06. juli 2019

This one actually shows the Tesla Superchargers, and the debris around them.

Bighorn | 06. juli 2019

They interviewed an X driver who dove under the car for cover and was uninjured.

jeepn30 | 06. juli 2019

Was charging there after the Blackhawks Panthers game this past November. Unreal.

AERODYNE | 06. juli 2019

I hope the MX is ok and does not have to spend months waiting for parts.

Never thought that the extra ground clearance in an MX would be useful for cover...

TeslaKenFL | 06. juli 2019

That was my go to Supercharger for a short period of time. I remember when the pizza joint opened up and I ate there a few times. It is surprisingly close to the superchargers. Maybe 100 yards away.