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I know that getting Apple Carplay is probably a hopeless wish (and there are many here who somehow think it would be a Bad Thing, though I can't for the life of me see why). But there's one feature that somehow just has to get in there, even if it requires me to get out soldering iron and C-code.

Audiobooks are an absolute requirement for longer trips, and for me at least, that means Audible. That's partly because their selection is hard to beat. Partly because my "library" is up to several hundred titles. But controlling Audible by having to reach for the phone whenever I need to back up a couple of minutes, jump to a different chapter, or select a new title is, at minimum, a PITA. So what I'm looking for is some better way to deal with audiobooks. Podcasts, too, while we're at it. Though to be honest, every single podcast application pretty much sucks in one way or another.

Am I missing a good way to handle this that I haven't yet made out? Is there some feature of the deluxe system that my lowly SR+ isn't privy to that makes this possible? Or is this something that will have to wait for the when / if of an app store?


AFBiker2011 | 09. juli 2019

I don't normally listen to podcasts, but I can understand that any additional phone manipulation that is required would cause distractions during your driving.

I do listen to books using Audible, only it is during my commute to and from work. I haven't found any *more* seamless solutions to what you're talking about. But there are some integrations...

Play/pause, rewind/fast forward + - 15s (or whatever you have it set in your app), and volume control. These are all functions that can be done using only the left scroll button, which is pretty sweet. At least for me, the current scroll wheel functions are better than any previous cars I've owned. Admittedly, this is also the most expensive car I've owned.

Audible does have a driving mode UI built into the app. But it can't do anything more than what is already built into the scroll wheel functions, which is much safer to use while driving.

SteveWin1 | 10. juli 2019

I listen to audible all the time over bluetooth. I generally listen to a book all the way through and don't skip around. I just start it up before I drive off and stop it once I get to my destination. If you have an android, you can put your phone into car mode and it will display android auto so all you have to do is mount your phone somewhere and use your phone's screen to control everything. Not sure if iPhones can show the apple car play screen on the phone's screen. Maybe some iPhone owners can chime in.

rdavis | 10. juli 2019

Audible I us iBooks.... I've really not had issues, but I don't need to rewind often nor do I "hunt" for a new book while driving.

Podcast, I use TuneIn... which is built into the car system. I've found almost all the podcast I listen to this platform. I think I had one podcast that wasn't and I used the iphone podcast feature for that one via bluetooth.