Auto park?

Auto park?

I recently upgraded to FSD, and auto navigate, summon and auto lane change are working as expected. But I am getting nothing from auto park. I generally part in a lot at my employer (a large university) but the "P" icon does not ever show up when I am driving around the lot. And I drove slowly by two parked cars on my residential street with a gap between them last night to test the parallel parking system. Again no "P" icon. Am I doing something wrong?

Joshan | 18. juli 2019

you were in reverse, right?

hokiegir1 | 18. juli 2019

Autopark is pretty tricky -- and unless it's a tight spot, it's usually just faster to do it yourself. As you noted, you do need to find a spot between 2 cars (sometimes a large shrub may work, but not always). You have to completely pass the spot very slowly and then you will see a faint P icon. When that shows, put the car in reverse, and the start button will appear. I've only had success with perpendicular spots -- I'm too impatient for parallel to work.

trunnasch | 18. juli 2019

No. According to the owners manual, you are supposed to get a little grey "P" icon when the car detects a parking space. You then stop, shift into reverse, and it is supposed to do its thing. I never get the "P" icon.

StealthP3D | 18. juli 2019

Only thing I don't like about autopark is that it turns the wheel without moving. I generally like to be moving and turning the wheel to reduce tire wear.

legna_fo_htaed | 18. juli 2019

I've noticed when you go to backup into a spot now, the "P" does not show up like it would before. Me and a buddy were driving around trying different spots and noticed you have to drive by it in drive and then the "P" shows up. As mentioned though, it takes a long time and it spins the wheel really fast on the road surface sometimes.

hokiegir1 | 18. juli 2019

Oh -- 2 other "tricks":
1) If you start backing into a space, it will sometimes offer to take over, even if the P icon never came up.
2) Angled spaces don't work *unless* you have started -- and even then, it doesn't do a great job with them (but most people don't back into angled spaces, so it may be a non-issue for a lot of people).

sixstring09 | 18. juli 2019

Ours is kind of finicky. We have to make sure we go slow and completely past the spot and the P will show.

CharleyBC | 18. juli 2019

I think I’ve seen the P once in a year of ownership. Admittedly, I haven’t made much effort to get it. The one P I did see was in stop and go traffic on a freeway, and it concluded the gap between two stopped cars in the lane to my right was a parking spot. Oh well. I really should try to get it one of these days.

spuzzz123 | 18. juli 2019

@trunnasch I had the same trouble you described and after considerable experimentation I found that I was too far to the left on my approach (assuming parking on the right). By driving closer to the two cars I want to park between I found that P shows up almost always. It’s counterintuitive for me because when I manually back in I usually want to give *more* space to give myself room to maneuver. But autopark wants you to be pretty close. Give that a try and see if it works for you.

trunnasch | 18. juli 2019

Thanks. Interestingly, I got the "P" icon driving to my lab about an hour ago. It was exactly the same situation Carley BC had - sitting in the left lane with a line of cars to my right. I will try getting closer as well. But I guess this is part of the FSD beta disclaimer....

terminator9 | 18. juli 2019

I get the P often when sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on highways :). When I have been backing into a spot, sometimes the P comes up and I have used that. Otherwise, it is hard for it to detect a parking sport. There is room for improvements in the future software releases.

Techy James | 18. juli 2019

I must say, this feature is the one that seems for me to have not improved over time. I would actually say its worst now than when I first got the car in December. Where I go for Martial Arts and work parking lot it would almost always come up with the P for parking. Now I rarely get the P indicator to allow the car to self park. Matter of fact since I upgraded to 2019.4.4 I haven't seen the P indicator at all. So unlike many of the other features of the EAP, this one feature hasn't improved for me over time.

Joseb | 18. juli 2019

For parallel parking you have to drive slowly, and pass the parking spot almost completely, as suggested above, then the "P" will show up.

For back parking, you need to be backing up already, then the P will show up and can take over.

Once engaged, it does a really good job. Agreed don't fully like steering without moving :)
and I wish sensors will detect curbs better, don't want to keep scratching my wheels lol

howard | 18. juli 2019

The sales demo was awesome. Never seen it or used it in the last year. I am with above comments about quicker easier to do it yourself. The other big issue for me is folks complaining about tire/wheel scrub on curbs. That is really not worth the risk to me.

billlake2000 | 18. juli 2019

I went to a fancy restaurant and the valet's name was Otto.

DCComet | 18. juli 2019

LOL, @billlake2000! I showed off autopark to some friends in a parking lot with plenty of open spaces and the car chose the tightest spot in the lot. We couldn't even get out of the car! But it was perfectly parked.

SalisburySam | 19. juli 2019

Like others, I’ve had no joy with AutoPark since getting the car a year ago and 18 firmware updates later. Have seen the mystical P twice, both times in traffic at a stop light, and both time long ago. Have never been able to activate for any parking situation I’ve been in with the car. For me, AutoPark is another feature of the EAP/FSD I paid for that doesn’t work (DumbSummon being a 2nd not-working feature).