Early access program

Early access program

How to participate in early access program?

82bert | 23. juli 2019

You have to be invited. Super secret club. No way to request joining.

syclone | 23. juli 2019

Is there a secret handshake?

82bert | 23. juli 2019

One can hope

jimglas | 23. juli 2019

the first rule of the early access program is not talking about the early access program

rmg007 | 23. juli 2019

That's also the second rule

kevin_rf | 23. juli 2019

I thought there was a setting, next to the dive and torpedo settings for submarine mode...

Pepperidge | 24. juli 2019

Pay for FSD and Pray for invitation email.

TexasBob | 24. juli 2019

...And don't subscribe to TeslaFi or any of the other services that connect to your car or you will not be invited / disinvited.

mazers | 25. juli 2019

Paying for FSD is not a requirement. Sometimes it is just the luck of the draw.

tomaaahawk | 17. september 2019

my enhanched summon went away with this last software update

EVRider | 17. september 2019

@tomaaahawk: Which update do you have now?