Crack in Door Panel

Crack in Door Panel

About 2 months after picking up my car, I noticed a 6 inch hairline crack near the bottom of the inside front passenger door panel of my Model 3. Absolutely nothing I did caused this crack. I requested a warranty repair but Tesla service said there is no data anywhere that this has happened with any other Model 3's that have been shipped. It's a $500 repair. Thought I'd reach out to this community to see if anyone else has had this issue. Anyone?

raqball | 23. juli 2019

You can always ask to speak to the SC manager and see if they'd be willing to make a one time exception and replace it for you.... My SC has been beyond stellar and they are easily the best SC I've ever dealt with my entire life....

It can't hurt to ask or try... Be nice, be polite and explain the situation and see what happens...

Good luck!

gmr6415 | 24. juli 2019

@raqball +1. I agree. I had a chip in the back edge of my rear window. It was chipped from the underside as if there was something in/on the seal when the window was installed. I showed it to a tech at the SC who said it was on me...I had, had possession of the car for too many months before claiming the damage. It had been 4 months.

I got the manager out and asked him to explain how a projectile could have gone completely over my car and chipped the far edge of the rear window without at least damaging the paint on the edge of the trunk lid where the edge of the window and the trunk lid come together. I also pointed out that the glass chipped out was from the underside of the glass.

I told him I would gladly pay for the replacement if he could legitimately explain how it could have happened in any other manner than during or prior to installation. He thought about it for a few minutes, looked at the tech that originally said it was on me and asked him to see if they had a rear window in stock. They replaced it free of charge.

OceanJohn | 22. september 2019

My car have the same same situation. It was still fine as I was driving it yesterday. This morning when the car was charging at the Supercharger. I noted the crack.immediately scheduled a service appointment...sad