First Time Buyer

First Time Buyer

Finally, after a month of research (trolling websites more like it), I pulled the trigger on a 2019 Model S (pre Raven I think). And I have a ton of Qs. Some of you may be familiar with them & I would like your input please.

This is a demo/inventory car with about 350 miles. It was in San Diego showroom for a while (???) and got released for purchase a few days back.

My local (Portland, OR) sales adviser saw it & notified me about the discounts, it has EAP instead of FSD, etc .... Color is what I wanted: MSM/Cream. The wheels are standard. Sample pix look good inside & out. But it may be a different tale when I get to pick it up on Aug 5th. (I ordered it yesterday night & got text today about the delivery date.)

The Qs are:

- I'm getting this for just under 80K all inclusive (including the OR sales tax. Yes there is a 0.5% tax on vehicles over a certain $). Is this a good price.
- Any of you get / purchased a 'used/demo/inventory' car? Did you have buyer's remorse after getting it, for not signing up on a brand new one? And if you did, the price alleviate your remorse?
- This is a pre-Raven model I believe. I could not validate the mfg date using VIN. And I think the three most important diff are suspension, front motor, range (Increases by about 40 miles).
- I was told I would get Free Lifetime Supercharging & my sales rep emphatically confirmed it.
- EAP vs FSD: I think the base differences are Stop sign & traffic light recognition - ETA is Aug 16th. Apart from that, is there any major advantage?
- EAP to FSD cost? I was told it is $3K; but have read Tesla has offered sales on it.

Thank you, in advance, for your replies.

Excited to be part of the Tesla family.

bishoppeak | 26. juli 2019

Be sure to get documented proof of free lifetime supercharging, I've not heard of that being offered recently.

barrykmd | 26. juli 2019

^^ Agree.
I wouldn't worry about EAP vs FSD. it's all vaporware, anyway.

lilbean | 26. juli 2019


Bighorn | 26. juli 2019

Free supercharging has been available recently:
And the $3k FSD offer for EAP cars is a limited time offer, recently reduced from $6k. Would especially consider if your car has HW2.5 chip since it includes an upgrade to a much more powerful HW3 processor. Price goes up August 16th—unclear if it will be $4k or $7k then. | 26. juli 2019

EAP to FSD cost. Yes for a very short time it was offered for $2K. It's now $3K, and as of Aug-15 it's going up to $4k. There could be a future sale or not - no one here knows what Tesla plans.

AP EAP and FSD terms have changed over time. I wrote this guide to help clarify the differences:

GHammer | 26. juli 2019

I bought used from Tesla about 3 years ago, i had a very specific car in mind and actually wanted an older one so it's worked perfect for me.

I wouldn't worry about EAP vs. FSD, Tesla lists the upgrade as 6K for new cars. The post delivery pricing has been all over the place and I've lost track of the current status. As for your stop signal enablement ETA of Aug 16th, well....lets just say you'll get to know the term Tesla Time.

Tesla has offered free lifetime supercharging to help move out inventory pre-raven models so it is a pre-raven car and as others have said make sure it is documented.

magesh.tektal | 26. juli 2019

Thank you for your responses so far.

- I'm getting this for just under 80K all inclusive. Is this a good price? I understand this is subjective, but would like to benchmark against prices paid, that's all. Or is this not the place to ask this Q.

- Any of you get / purchased a 'used/demo/inventory' car? Did you have buyer's remorse after getting it, for not signing up on a brand new one? And if you did, the price alleviate your remorse? For me the price difference is about $9K to $12K depending on options.

- This is a pre-Raven model. And I think the three most important diff are suspension, front motor, range (Increases by about 40 miles).
Is there a very noticeable driving performance? (FYI, 60% of driving will be local city streets; 40% will extended trips with the wife across states / country. And I prefer my cars with a stiffer suspension to 'feel' the road.)

- Since its a demo/inventory car, I have been offered in the Tesla account page to buy 'extended warranty'? Is this worth it? 2 year = $2100 OR 4 year = $4250/?


EVRider | 26. juli 2019

Is this a long range or standard range S? The starting price for a brand new Raven long range S is just under $80k, so no, I don’t think that’s a good deal. The EAP in your inventory car is worth $5k, but you’re getting basic AP for free in the brand new one, and the extra range is worth more than $5k.

Bighorn | 26. juli 2019

Any discount on an essentially new car is a good deal. I’ve not heard of buyer’s remorse under these circumstances as long as the car checks out. Raven owners are “raving” about the new active suspension, but the old ones are awesome, as well. You can buy the extended warranty when the first one expires in 4yrs/50k miles—no need to decide now.

magesh.tektal | 26. juli 2019

@EVRider: Its the long range. (335 miles).

Yes, the new car (white/black) is about $88K, including the FSD. I understand that EAP covers FSD minus the stop sign & traffic light. Buying the 'upgrade' will add $3K to my original $80K to make it $83K. About a 5K to 6K delta.

I'm not unduly concerned about the 40 mile range deficiency on the pre-Raven. My key Q is, if the Raven experience (Motor, adaptive suspension) is very superior to the older one, to warrant the $6K delta? (Side note: Yes, the new car will be brand new; no one would have s(h)at on it; banged the doors; 'test drive' it; etc. And there is an intangible cost to that, person to person. This demo car has 350 miles.)

And I lucked out on the color choice as well (MSM / Cream). And the Lifetime Supercharging, which we will make use when we travel (about 40% of our yearly driving).

magesh.tektal | 26. juli 2019

@Bighorn: Thank you.

magesh.tektal | 26. juli 2019

Update: As I was replying to the above texts, I got a PM from the sales adviser, stating this car does NOT have free Lifetime Supercharging!!!. I valued this @ about $300/year.

Now I'm really undecided. :-)

johncrab | 26. juli 2019

Lifetime supercharging would have been a short term fluke on a 2019. Some cars that were returned by initial purchasers got this back in June in order to move some inventory but I believe that ended the last day of June. Look at it this way, you didn't get the pano roof as I did, but you got an upgraded stereo which I didn't get, so those pretty much cancel out. The price of my 2014 (before taxes) which included a built-in-adder for lifetime supercharging was $97800, You are getting a virtually new 2019 for "under 80k". The difference in price can pay for an arseload of electricity at superchargers. 63,571 kWh or 254,286 miles of supercharging energy to be exact. Go ye into the sunset and be ye happy!

GHammer | 26. juli 2019

Yea, I thought the free lifetime supercharging on pre-Raven inventory ended on June 30th but also thought they might have extended it.

nukequazar | 26. juli 2019

Lifetime supercharging was announced in a tweet on May 31, "Important Announcement (unless you like paying for gas): All inventory Model S and Model X cars now come with unlimited free Supercharging. This ends on June 30."

I did, however, see inventory cars still listed this way on the website into July although not sure for how long.

I took advantage of this offer and got the perfect car I'd been looking for used, new. Black on white P100D with sunroof and unlimited free supercharging. The free supercharging is not transferable to the next owner.

EVRider | 27. juli 2019

@Magesh: You said you will be traveling a lot. Depending on where you travel, and especially in colder climates, you might regret not getting the extra 40 miles of range. If you only expect to travel in areas with good supercharger coverage, the 335 miles is plenty.

nukequazar | 27. juli 2019

1. I thought “Posting to the Tesla Forums is now limited to verified Owners.” So what’s going on here?

2. Without unlimited free supercharging, I would definitely get a Raven. In my case, the deciding factors were UFSC and a sunroof because I’ll never buy a car without a sunroof.

Bighorn | 27. juli 2019

“Posting” refers to starting threads. Anybody can comment within a thread.

nukequazar | 27. juli 2019

This poster is not an Owner yet, if the post is honest.

Bighorn | 27. juli 2019

I get your point now. Just need a reservation to post. He’s paid something already towards his purchase.

nukequazar | 27. juli 2019

Ah, ok. Got it. So it’s for Owners or people who have placed an order. Just so much spam so watching out.

magesh.tektal | 27. juli 2019

@johncrab: Thanks. I hear you.

@EVRider: Yeah, the range is a gamble; but so were folks who bought it several years back with lesser range & fewer charging stations. I think we are better positioned now.

@nuke: No spam. Legit.

$7K is still a good load of money. The sacrifice for saving the $7K is the Lifetime SC, newer motor & suspension. I'm conflicted if the $7K savings is worth it, as @Bighorn negated that train. And hence the dilemma.

AW, thx'll. I know the final call is on me; but nice to know there is a support group.

Bill_75D | 28. juli 2019

I'd pay $7k right now if I could magically transfer the new suspension to my current car.

magesh.tektal | 28. juli 2019

^^ :-) ^^^

And I keep learning something 'new' everyday. Apart from the suspension + the motor + range, I'm read that the battery tech is different as well. This will enable the upcoming 200KwH.

nukequazar | 28. juli 2019

@magesh.tektal, you mentioned lifetime supercharging again but I thought that was off the table. Didn't you say the inventory car does NOT have it? If that's the case I would for sure go for a Raven. I got a pre-Raven because of UFSC and sunroof but otherwise I would definitely spend the extra money for the Raven suspension and range.

One thing you should also know is the "range" that's quoted is basically for a highway drive under ideal conditions, driving very carefully and conservatively. Under normal driving conditions with some traffic and stop-and-go on the street, and accelerating sometimes for lane changes or just for fun, the range is significantly lower. So any extra range will be useful, even just for daily driving and not having to charge every day or night.

magesh.tektal | 28. juli 2019

@nuke: Tesla rep has put in a case. regarding the lifetime supercharging, on my behalf, since they told me it was there, when I put the deposit down. After the deposit, they told me the lifetime charging for some legacy cars. Never understood that term, nor got any clarity on what that means from the dealership. So for now, its off the table in my book.

Yeah, for about $6K, I can live with 2nd color choice (White & Black), it was a close second anyway. And range is subjective, I know, depending on weather, hills (I live in Portland, OR & there are a lot on the west side),etc and any extra/bonus will be welcome.

Right now, delivery is scheduled (tentatively) for next Tuesday for the 'older' car.

DavidinNC | 28. juli 2019

I bought a pre-Raven late 2018 100D long range demo with 650 miles in April 2019 for $83k + tax - $3750 rebate.
I wanted the legacy EAP (all the goodies of FSD other than future city driving capability) and sunroof (no longer available).
I got $11,200 discount off the current price if I had configured it in spring 2019, but given all the price decreases since it was originally produced, it was actually over $26,000 off of original MSRP on the window sticker.
If yours really had the FSCFL it would be a no brainer.
If you like everything else about the car and it saves you close to $10K compared to the same in a new Raven then you likely won't regret since you are trying to get in on the low end for an S.

Anthony J. Parisio | 29. juli 2019

All four Tesla’s I have owned were Demos. Never had any problems with them. Saving money is a good thing.

As for FSD, I got mine when it was on sale at &”$2000.00. I would buy it at $3000.00. This insures your AI driving computer will be upgraded for free. That is at least $1000.00.

PhillyGal | 29. juli 2019

@anthony - hi! I was hoping you'd see this thread as someone who has probably bought more demo Teslas than anyone else on the planet.

@megesh - if your My Tesla account allows you to purchase the FSD upgrade for $3k in between now and August 16th (even if the car isn't in your hands yet) I would seriously consider jumping at the price. It's sure to increase.