Range lost

Range lost

Hi Everyone, I believe I have some range issue, would like to get some feedback from everyone.

I have a 2019 Model S 100D Long Range with 21" tires, it advertised 340 miles with full charge. However, since day 1, I have been consistently getting only 200 miles. Just want to see if anyone experience this issue? Here are some data.

- Each day I drive 60 miles, everyday 30% is gone, 2 days 60% gone, with this calculation, I can only drive close to 200 miles with 100% charged.
- In dashboard, it shows I have a average of 340 Wh/Mile (Not sure why is that high), even so, with the following formula, I should be getting 294 miles with 100D battery, is my calculation correct?
(1000 / 340 ) x 100 = 294 miles

I tried lower the suspension, accelerate slowly, turn off AC, everything, but still getting same range.
Any idea? Should I take it back for repair?


AERODYNE | 26. juli 2019

Two words... vampire drain.

What are you consuming overnight between drives? If high check for:

Sentry mode?
Cabin overheat protection?
Keep climate on?

Is energy savings on and always connected off?

GHammer | 26. juli 2019

Normal. Multiple trips over multiple days with high whr/mi will show a significant difference between rated range. Vampire drain being one problem.

Also you are assuming you have a full 100kWh usable, you dont.

NKYTA | 26. juli 2019

Take a long trip!

Mathew98 | 26. juli 2019

Stop propagating vampire drain theory already. Driving style will dictate actual miles achieved.

At 340 Wh/M, he is either driving with a lead foot or 20 over the speed limit.

If you want EPA rated range, then drive at speed limit with AP or cruise control without cutting in and out of lanes. Rated rate is achievable at around 280 Wh/M.

Bighorn | 26. juli 2019

Several bad assumptions. Start with the basics here:

kennethmch | 26. juli 2019

Thank you for the feedback everyone, from EPA rated range 340 down to 200 miles is a significant drop, I doubt vampire drain can be that much. To Mathew’s point, I do drive around 15 above the speed limit, and I do have sentry mode on at work, maybe I can speed limit and turning off sentry mode at work. Any other factor? What’s a normal wh/mile? No matter how I drive, my average is always 340 or so.

Bighorn | 26. juli 2019

340 drops your efficiency about 18%. Lots of unaccounted draws over a several day period. Mostly battery and cabin conditioning. You’d see 290+ miles in a single drive. More if you slow down. Doesn’t work in several segments. Not like gasoline in the tank.

Bighorn | 26. juli 2019

And sentry is a big draw along with cabin overheat protection.

quinney | 26. juli 2019

Check your tires for underinflation, too.

Bighorn | 26. juli 2019

340 is expected under the circumstances. TPMS would alert significant pressure issue.

kennethmch | 26. juli 2019

Regen brake helps on freeway ? Or let it cruise yield better range?

Bighorn | 26. juli 2019

Regen is a marginal contributor on the freeway and will be similar whether you use TACC or drive manually. Speed via drag is the largest energy suck.

kennethmch | 26. juli 2019

Thank you Bighorn, I will try several things this week and see if there is any improvement ! Appreciate everyone’s feedback here :)

Bighorn | 27. juli 2019

You’re welcome. Highly unlikely your car is underperforming. My question is why does it matter and why aren’t you plugging in each night? Drive it for enjoyment and don’t worry about your efficiency. 340 is very average and EPA is closer to 280. Do you not have access to home charging?

NKYTA | 27. juli 2019

I believe my lifetime is 343 Wh/m, since December 2012, empirically BH is correct, ... again.

Bighorn | 27. juli 2019

You are spamming threads with this cut and paste that has nothing to do with the topic. Not a way to win allies. Get back in your box.

Outhebox | 28. juli 2019

@ Bighorn
Spamming threads??....maybe in your opinion.
Certainly don't need you as an ally - Enjoy your day.

Bighorn | 28. juli 2019

Yes, especially when you have your own thread, which is well and good. Many of us enjoy assisting, though it’s considered bad form to cut and paste a lengthy post and append it to multiple other posts of a similar nature. Just giving you a heads up that nobody looks kindly on it as it is considered a form of spam and you will get less help from folks who have the most knowledge.

Bighorn | 28. juli 2019

You’ll see that it got nuked by at least 7 unhappy owners, apparently.

Outhebox | 28. juli 2019

Responses have been positive – you being the exception.
You should try to ignore what does not concern you - I guess it’s just your nature.
Would suggest in future you do not respond to my post’s – I won’t be to yours..
I wish you no malice – enjoy your day.

NKYTA | 28. juli 2019

“You’ll see that it got nuked by at least 7 unhappy owners, apparently.”


“Responses have been positive – you being the exception.”

Critical thinking miss.

Mathew98 | 28. juli 2019

Dude, where did everyone go? I keep my head in the sand most of the time...

Bighorn | 28. juli 2019

I encouraged your thread. I discouraged posting it verbatim here, where it is totally non-germane, and elsewhere. I very easily could have added my two cents to your main thread since I have one of the highest mileage non-commercial Model Ses around, but I held back to see your true nature. Keep digging. | 28. juli 2019

New Raven for one month (Performance with Ludicrous). My Wh/mile in mixed driving is 288 (down from 320 in my old P85DL). Don't use Sentry at home which cuts down on my overnight drain.