3D printing design help (yes, it's Model 3 related)

3D printing design help (yes, it's Model 3 related)

We recently got a 3 printer. Yay -- new toy! We're learning how to design with it, but we're not very good yet. I can make simple shapes merged and such, hubby even less -- but mostly, we're printing things we find elsewhere that fill a need we've come across.

One thing I've needed for my car is a way to have the seatbelt sit lower. Even on the lowest setting, it still cuts uncomfortably across my neck when my seat is in an otherwise comfortable driving position. We had one of those clips that attaches the shoulder belt to the lap belt, but it was kind of a pain because hubby doesn't need the same adjustment -- so we were constantly sliding it around to fit when we switched off, and it was next to impossible to take off and put back on.

Which brings me to something I want to print, which would hook to the bars the hold the headrest on and follow the "shoulder" of the seat, and just be a spot where the belt could slip into it, but also come out easily, so it wouldn't be a problem in an accident. Basically, something like this one for the BMW, but possibly coming a bit farther over the "shoulder" of the seat:

I'm not an artist. I have a vague sketch of this at home, but no idea how to turn it into a functional printable item. Does anyone have better skills than I do that could either make the design or give me tips to do it myself? We're currently using TinkerCAD, though we aren't opposed to buying a program. We just want to make sure when we drop $$ on it, it covers all of our needs, which so far, we don't know what they are to determine what's best.

jamespompi | 29. juli 2019

You could start with something like this and use Cura to adjust the axis' until it fits.

hokiegir1 | 29. juli 2019

I swear I looked all over Thingiverse for this and didn't find this one. That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

jamespompi | 29. juli 2019

Sure, good luck! I just have an Ender 3, but its a lot of fun to use.

hokiegir1 | 29. juli 2019

@jamespompi - That's exactly what we got! We found it for $150. Before that, we both wanted one, but couldn't really justify it. At that price, we figured it'd be fun to have, so we jumped on it. We've had it set up for about a week and have made a handful of things. I need to mess with Cura more. I've done most of my edits in TinkerCAD so far, so other than scaling up/down, I haven't done much in Cura.

douglas_peale | 29. juli 2019

For design tools, I'd suggest OpenSCAD (very easy to learn, but somewhat limited) and FreeCAD (very powerful, but a minefield of bugs that one must learn to avoid). Both of these are GNU licensed free software.

spiderx1 | 29. juli 2019

Fusion 360 has a free version, a little more advanced but plenty of You Tube vids.

ajf798 | 29. juli 2019

I always look for Tesla stuff to print; only thing I've done thus far is the garage wall mount for the charging port. CR-10S, Ender 3, and Photon here.

hokiegir1 | 30. juli 2019

@Douglas - FreeCAD sounds a little like certain software updates for my car. ;)

Thanks to both you and @spiderx. I'll check those out this afternoon.

@ajf798 - We haven't gotten to anything for the car yet, but I keep looking. I did find a trunk mount for the J1772 adapter that I was considering, but so far, haven't done it. I also like the little cell phone superchargers, but we don't have the right colors yet. :)

PhillyGal | 30. juli 2019

@hoakiegir1 - If you do get it printed and it works, I'd love to know about it then, happy to buy one from you if you're willing to sell it. Mine cuts across the neck still too.

hokiegir1 | 30. juli 2019

@PG -- will absolutely let you know. :) | 30. juli 2019

I've compiled a list of Tesla specific 3D parts you can print, along with some I've created for various projects:

Always fun to create new parts!

ICEMELT | 30. juli 2019

Off the topic but related. Which 3D printer? I am in the market for a decent quality

hokiegir1 | 30. juli 2019

@icemelt - this is the one we got. It's been reasonably user-friendly.

EVEdriver | 30. juli 2019

as for a 3D printer I'd recommend Prusa MK3S and for software Fusion 360. If not using the Prusa printer (as it comes with excellent slicing software) this slicing software is great for all kinds of printers: Simplify3D. | 30. juli 2019

There are a ton of printers - you'll have to do your research. Some are kits, some only do PLA (which may be fine), some are enclosed, some are open, some have displays, some don't. Then there is the quality of the results - some great, some not so good. Lastly, if you can afford it, you may want multiple extruders so you can print in two or more materials at the same time. This often adds quite a bit of cost.

If you plan to make parts for your car, you'll need to avoid PLA - it will deform in the heat of the car. The printer needs a heated bed to do PETG or ABS , which handle the heat better. On ABS, it has a horrible smell - you want good ventilation. I avoid ABS myself as I print at home.

I have 3 printers, but like my Robo R2 the best: Just because I like it though it may not be suitable (or in your budget) for your needs. I like the compact space, touch screen, and the tech support has been excellent. On support - no matter the printer, you'll likely going to need to contact them someday - so don't go with a company with poor support or where you can't get parts.

I haven't used the Prusa, but I've always heard good things about it. I wanted an enclosed printer, as small air currents can affect some build types. You can always make a case for the Prusa too.

triton3 | 31. juli 2019

Awesome to see fellow 3D 'printers' on this forum. Thanks @TeslaTap for the link.
I have a Qidi X-one (lesser known but so far so good) printer that I use for small projects around the house. Havent printed anything 'Tesla' yet but plan on doing so soon!

iammuneebqadar | 31. oktober 2019

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Just_Ted | 31. oktober 2019

I would add that just as important as the printer is the media (plastic) you print with. Case in point, my Son-In-Law used his printer to make an outdoor cable hanger/charger holder for my 20' cord. The plastic deformed in the summer heat from the weight of the cable and had to be re-printed with a different material.

steven.clark | 01. mars 2020

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gmr6415 | 02. mars 2020

Anyone with a 3D printer and the Tesla front roof sunscreen? I'd gladly purchase a set of duplicated clips that hold the sunscreen in place.

hokiegir1 | 02. mars 2020

@gmr - I do have both, but my design skills haven't improved much in the last 8 months. I know we need a couple extras, too, though, so I'll see if I can figure them out.

gmr6415 | 02. mars 2020

@hokiegir1, that would be great!!!

I'm in no hurry. I still have three of the for original, but as someone who was a diesel technician for over two decades I know the value of having spares on hand.

If you ever need any small to medium machine work done let me know. I've got a medium sized metal lathe and milling machine. I'm no pro at it, but I'm not bad at it either.

gmr6415 | 31. mars 2020

@TickTock, That would be great if I had a 3-D printer. I was looking to purchase some from someone who has a printer.

Frank99 | 31. mars 2020

One option is to order them.
Upload the file, get a quote, say yeah or nay, pay, get it in the mail.

howard | 31. mars 2020

We have a number of printers with idle time occasionally. I don’t mind printing if you have stl files ready to print. We print primarily in PLA pro but also have carbon fiber reinforced ABS.

gmr6415 | 01. april 2020

@Frank99, Thanks!!

@howard, Would @TickTock's files above work? I've never used a 3-D printer, so I have no idea.

gmr6415 | 01. april 2020

@TickTock, Thanks so much for the files. I've found someone who is doing them right now.

TickTock | 01. april 2020

Very nice. Sorry I didn't see this sooner - would have been happy to throw a couple in an envelope.