Thumbs up!

Thumbs up!

I was driving on the beltway today and got a thumbs up from someone in the adjacent lane. A simple gesture that brightened my drive and made me feel fortunate about my 3

Share your bright moments in your Model 3

St☰v☰ | 01. august 2019

Was the other car a Tesla or were they just admiring yours?

raqball | 01. august 2019

I was at the UPS store mailing a package last week and a guy leaving asked if that was my Tesla.. I said yes and he said thanks for buying one and shook my hand.. He said he was a Tesla stock holder and in speaking with him more outside he said he had a few hundred K in Tesla stock...

Not really the same but figured I share as that's the only instance I've had other than people saying nice car and asking questions about it where I live...

vmulla | 01. august 2019

The other guy was in another car envying my Autopilot drive through morning rush hour traffic.

cborstein | 01. august 2019

Go drive Uber and you will get nonstop compliments and tons of questions as most people are completely ignorant of what our cars can actually do!!! Favorite many miles per gallon do you get? Did you put that ipad up there yourself? How do you charge it? (i plug it in...duh!!!) Is this a hybrid? so its all electric? always immediately followed there's no gas???

dmastro | 01. august 2019

I was driving home the other day and the sun was setting in just the right spot that it was almost directly in my eyes over the horizon. It was a very bright moment on my drive.

calvin940 | 01. august 2019

My favourite has always been driving in a neighborhood going to a friends house passing by a group of kids with baseball bats and gloves watching me as I go by while one exclaims "Hey! That's a Tesla" as they all turn big-eyed to watch me (silently) roll by. That's the best feeling for me. It also means that the kids are very much aware of what is happening in the world, what Tesla has done and the significance of it.

Effopec | 01. august 2019

I got one thumbs up from someone stopped next to me at a light. Kind of took me off guard, so I'm sure my reaction was a bit odd. I've also had a few people ask me about it in parking lots and such. If they ask if I like it I just say I'll never drive anything else.

Joshan | 01. august 2019

I got a thumbs up from a Vette after I smoked them from a red light.

jjgunn | 01. august 2019

Got thumbs up from 2 people in a Honda Odyssey. Just gave them a salute back.

M3phan | 01. august 2019

Got flashing headlights from the 360Z I left behind from a light.

jdcollins5 | 01. august 2019

On multiple occasions I have noticed cars in the next lane hanging around my passenger door. When I look I notice they are checking out the screen and the car. When they see me looking they usually grin and give me the thumbs up!

SamO | 01. august 2019

I was Camping this past weekend and was rolling into the campsite behind these two young girls that were skateboarding. They didn’t hear me coming and one term saw my car and started it out of the way, while the other turn got super freaked out, and look like she stepped on a Banana peel and Landed on her back. She got up, brush yourself off, laughed, and said nice Tesla.

Magic 8 Ball | 01. august 2019

@SamO You should get one of these:

Still in prototype phase.

hcdavis3 | 01. august 2019

Love it Magic. Just like my bike when I was about 10 years old.

mrburke | 01. august 2019

I live in downtown where there are a lot of people walking on the sidewalk. All I need to do is wash the car in the driveway. I get lots of comments.

Emticci | 01. august 2019

Today a co-worker asked if she could take some pictures of my car. Said her 13 year old son was telling her how great a car the 3 is and she was going to go home with pictures of herself in one. Gave me a chance to show off some of the features and listen to her repeated "that's sooo cool!" :-)

billstanton | 01. august 2019

dmastro: I REALLY love snark. But yeah it feels great when someone asks about the car. I always say they can ask whatever they like, I'm in no rush.

mrburke: Must say my neighbor will never be happy, she is convinced I am destroying the planet by washing the car in my driveway. Do I get enviro-credits for solar power and an electric car? Not enough. But I don 't say anything about her old SUV or 50 cats.

Emticci: Kids love these cars. Hands down. We should lower the driving age. Put blocks on the pedals, sit on a telephone book (what's that?).

syclone | 01. august 2019

I was just getting to my parked car (2018 LR-RWD) when I noticed a boy, around 8 or 9 years old with his mother. He was staring at the car and his mother told me he was a big Tesla fan. I asked him if he wanted to sit in the car - he jumped at the chance - I let him play with the display - He went totally bananas with the fart app. Then, when he got out I asked him if he wanted to drive it. I gave him my iPhone and showed him how to use advanced summon. He pulled the car out of the parking space and had it drive over to him (about 30 feet) and stop next to him. I think I made his day.

mmclean708 | 01. august 2019

I love the kids, they notice so much faster. But my brightest thumbs up was when I met a motorcycle...middle aged guy, older classic type bike. He gave me a thumbs up that totally surprised me, I only had time to smile.

catoriswann | 02. august 2019

I also notice that kids are more inclined to pay attention to the Tesla. I have become a legend in the groups of kids roaming my neighborhood. Every time I drive by, they line up on the side of the road and either wave or salute. Parking at the beech last weekend I had three separate groups of kids of various ages ask what year and model it was.

It is very good to know at least one generation is aware of how groundbreaking this car is. I really can't understand why Tesla gets so beat up in the stock market and media. It is leading the revolution.

My favorites are when I am plugging into a destination charger and I draw a crowd. It usually starts with one or two people, and in a few minutes a few more come up, then a few more. Once at a movie theatre I ended up giving like a fifteen minute TED talk about electric cars and Teslas in particular. Made my week.

jimglas | 02. august 2019

when my wife parked at the market, a young boy ran up to her (about 5) and shouted "Is that a tesla?', she said yes, he smiled and ran back to his parents
That is kind of a thumbs up?

legna_fo_htaed | 02. august 2019

Went to pick up my car a couple weeks ago from a chargepoint station and there was a Bolt owner there admiring the car with her family. As soon as she saw me walking up to the door she started asking questions and exclaiming how excited she was to meet a Tesla owner. After talking EVs for a bit, I asked if she wanted to go for a ride and she was absolutely blown away.
I get a lot of comments and looks from people, but it was awesome to hear it from someone who knows the FUN an EV can be and was still mesmerized by it. Safe to say she may be where I get my free 1000 miles of supercharging haha.

Have also had many WRX STIs give me another form of a thumbs up I think, but they were using the finger next to your index finger. Oh well I gave em a real thumbs up back instead :)

vmulla | 02. august 2019

I'll consider any enthusiasm from anyone below driving age as two thumbs up.
They are the future, their opinion about Tesla and EVs is more important.

That kid who ran up to you will influence his parents and his entire family much more than all our discussions here.

Joshan | 02. august 2019

My kid plays travel baseball and at the tournaments those kids go nuts for my car. It is why I think Tesla has an amazing future, to the next generation it is like owning a Cadillac. Its the sign you have "made it".

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 04. august 2019

On a slight tangent here. I've noticed that other Tesla drivers don't wave or otherwise acknowledge me on the road, or even at the supercharger. Is it my breath?

BuffaloBillsFan | 04. august 2019

@Craig. I notice a marked lack of cameraderie at SC stations as well . . . I always look at the other 3s, Xs and Ss. Never have spoken to a single Tesla owner yet. They seem to want to charge and get the hell out. I certainly find that curious as we are all part of a very small community at the vanguard of a revolutionary change in the way people travel in the US . . .

Shesmyne2 | 04. august 2019

@sysclone- you made that kids month! Probably not so for Mom & Dad ...
I always smile when I wave (& that’s most of the time) and I get a wave back.
I always smile when I see the Tesla transporter trucks on the road delivering happiness.
I smile at dancing cars and getting scolded by my car.

Still Grinning ;-)

ElectricAlex | 04. august 2019

On way to work the other day stopped at a red light, stunning brunette on a bike crossed in front and slowed down to look, smiled and waved. (Yes at the Tesla) Her boyfriend/husband followed behind, looked, pointed at M3 and gave a big grin, thumbs up and smile.

Still do not regret the purchase .

vmulla | 04. august 2019

I gave my neice and her friend a ride. The friend said it would be cool if the car made the noise of a Ferrari, her dream car. I remarked that there are Teslas that can beat a Ferrari with 5 passengers and luggage in it. I shared that ICE noise is not cool, and fascination for it supports the wrong side.

She just says 'Ok'. That's it, I could tell that in a snap she switched sides.

Kids get it. Whatever their gimmicks, ICE manufacturers have only a few years to save themselves.

This was the best thumbs up for me this week.

jjgunn | 04. august 2019

I talk to people all the time at the SuCh's.

Helped an older gentleman that was driving his sons M3 just this morning. He didn't know how to charge & I showed him.

Yesterday -- a guy with a mid-range wasn't receiving much charge - I pulled in & got 72 kW (Paired with a Model S). Non-issue. He spoke to me first.

BuffaloBillsFan | 04. august 2019

Then again, maybe my breath just stinks . . . Hehe?

jamilworm | 04. august 2019

I've been seeing more and more Model 3s in my neighborhood in San Diego. Mine is wrapped orange so it is probably fairly well known around my house and along my commute. The other day I stopped at a traffic light near my house next to another Model 3 that was wrapped like a really dark matte blue and the guy driving gave me a peace sign and the gal in the passenger's seat waved. I gave a thumbs up back. I always like seeing other wrapped Model 3s. I was hoping that one would be a regular around here but I think it had Arizona plates.

vmulla | 05. august 2019

In our neighborhood the 3 went from being a rare sighting that I would report here, to more cars, to atleast one at a traffic stop - it's not special to have a Model 3 anymore. That's a good thing

I try to be friendly and wave, but the car is now so popular that many drivers do not even know the EV culture/camaraderie - they're staring back confused.

That's only in our area, and things are so different just 5 miles out. There's a strong fascination for Teslas outside our neighborhood.

ODWms | 05. august 2019

I’ve noted most Tesla drivers are very friendly, going out of their way to wave and smile. At superchargers I have had quite a few come up and engage me in conversations. Most seem to be impressed with the red RimBlade wheel protectors around the edges of my wheels, which gives the car a subtle, distinctive look and plays off the red of my brake calipers. More than once I’ve had drivers tell me mine is the best looking Model 3 they’ve seen. Of course I agree.

SamO | 05. august 2019

I’ve given hundreds of rides to strangers. And found out a year or more later that the ride has gotten into their dreams. They become obsessed with Tesla and tell me “I can’t get it out of my head. I’ve designed my dream car online dozens of times.”


Talk about demand problems.

That’s why FUD is so hilariously stupid and out of touch for anyone who has ridden in a Tesla. Why so much hate? It is in the financial interest of the hater.

vmulla | 06. august 2019