Free Unlimited Supercharging Again

Free Unlimited Supercharging Again

Tesla just tweeted that all new Model S and X vehicles have free unlimited supercharging:

I don’t see any mention of this on the web site yet.

Tropopause | 03. august 2019


raffidesigns | 03. august 2019

It's a nice touch. Well worth it if your spending $85K to $125+. IMO it's a well deserved apology from Elon after stating that the model X and S are nothing. I had no intention of replacing my '18 Model X, but after this i may start to consider the long range.

Qwiksilver | 03. august 2019

Great incentive to bring back.
However, they may have to further build out the supercharger network to support the additional traffic.

hammer @OR-US | 03. august 2019

"However, they may have to further build out the supercharger network to support the additional traffic."

Sales of S/X are relativly low, I doubt this will have much impact. On my recent 10K road trip, where there were other cars at superchargers, they were overwhelmingly 3's. Outside urban areas they are still mostly empty.

tes-s | 03. august 2019

"Sales of S/X are relativly low, I doubt this will have much impact."

Exactly. S/X are their premium cars, and they should now retroactively make it like it was 5 years ago for all S/X - free unlimited supercharging, even after sale. Idle fees still apply.

S/X are less than half the Teslas on the road in the US now, most of which already have free unlimited supercharging.

tes-s | 03. august 2019

It is on the website - go order a car and you will see. Free unlimited supercharging is listed. I'm not sure where to find the fine print - is it only for the original owner?

They should get rid of all the confusion and just make it so all S/X ever built have free unlimited supercharging now, even after transfer of ownership. | 03. august 2019

Yeah, Elon, give all Model S and X vehicles on the road free supercharging, not just the ones that happen to but when the marketing folks changed their minds to include it. Most irritating! A 75-100K vehicle should include it (or at least a limited amount per year to discourage someone from always using it). | 03. august 2019


Anthony J. Parisio | 03. august 2019

I am very happy about this. I think it is much better to add incentives rather than to discount the price. Whenever a company wants to sell more or increase sales.

Anthony J. Parisio | 03. august 2019

I am very happy about this. I think it is much better to add incentives rather than to discount the price. Whenever a company wants to sell more or increase sales. | 03. august 2019

I am currently on my second Model S (as I mentioned, purchased a Raven on 6/27/19). I am sick of all the price changes/free add-on changes etc. Never know what the next change or gimmick will be, more hesitant to pull the trigger and buy a new one. Incentives like FUSC should be grandfathered to recent purchases to discourage potential buyers from waiting. Elon should let the current owners know he appreciates them and their patronage. I supercharged maybe 100kW/month in my prior Model S—didn’t cost Tesla that much.

barrykmd | 03. august 2019

Hello, Mr. Musk, this is your pharmacy calling. Our records show you haven't picked up your renewal of Adderal.

jeffrub | 03. august 2019

Long time tesla supporter and really disappointed for the first time. I was suckered into upgrading my 15 MS to get ludicrous for free and took delievery a month ago. Right after that they included ludicrous in the performance version. So the 120k car I thought I was getting a good deal on evaporated over night. Then 30 days later they reinstate unlimited super charging, argggg. Really disappointed. I hope they grandfather it a month or more. Anyone know who I can complain to or is it not worth it?

tes-s | 04. august 2019

@jeffrub - you can say that again. Oh wait, you already did.

Ohmster | 04. august 2019

^ :). I thought I was glitching in the matrix this morning.

Bighorn | 04. august 2019

There’s the rub.

Bighorn | 04. august 2019

Rubbed another one out.

Bighorn | 04. august 2019

Rubbed him the wrong way.

jeffrub | 04. august 2019

Nope no prob, just went to sleep eventually :-)

Bighorn | 04. august 2019


rxlawdude | 04. august 2019

@barry, the OCR will be contacting your pharmacy regarding the fine for that HIPAA violation. ;-)

barrykmd | 04. august 2019

Rx - I thought you might chime in...

avesraggiana | 04. august 2019

You know what I wish they'd bring back again - the ultra white upholstery trim that used to cover the entire length of the lower dashboard. Now it's all just a drab and unvarying sea of black.

lilbean | 04. august 2019

Haha, @barry!

arrestedcloud | 04. august 2019

I picked up the car on the day they announced it. I hope they add it to my account. I’d be super bummed if they didn’t.

bklynpanman | 04. august 2019

Wonderful. Ordered my car Thursday. Hope they honor it with

lilbean | 04. august 2019

If it’s not on there at the time the order was finalized, they won’t just add it.

AnnVail | 04. august 2019

Sheesh... I have only had mine a couple of weeks. No credit on my account as of yet. Hopefully they will add it to all 2019 owners' accounts...

2015P90DI | 04. august 2019

@bklynpanman, call Tesla to make sure they add it. They will if you haven't taken delivery of it, but you'll to request it. Otherwise, as the $2,500 deposit is refundable, you could always cancel the order and re-place your order. I had the same thing. They are adding it to my order rather than making me do that, which would be silly. Tesla has however been known to be "silly" in the past. Appears in this case, they will be reasonable and add to existing orders, just be sure to call them or contact the sales rep that you're dealing with. For those that have already taken delivery, probably out of luck.

RightHandRule | 05. august 2019

Man I just took delivery of my 2019 S on August 3 - They better include it on my car - o/w I am returning it and starting over. The free SC was a nice feature on my previous 2014 S 85

Renzo | 05. august 2019

I wonder how that affects referrals.. the referral program is still 1K free supercharging miles, what is the incentive for buyers to use a code, if they are getting unlimited supercharging now?

reed_lewis | 05. august 2019

@renzo, the referral code gives you 1000 miles of super charging on a car that has unlimited super charging. Seems kind of useless to me. Tesla needs to fix that.

Renzo | 05. august 2019

@reed.. yes.. That is the question I am posing.. seems like the incentive needs to be changed.

rxlawdude | 05. august 2019

Left hand, meet right hand. Coordinate!

Loui | 05. august 2019

Not good to have buyer's remorse after the first day you can drive your car. Priced dropped over 6K and now free charging. Tesla throw us a bone! future credit on purchase new car, cred for FSD, warranty & free charging. The free charging just rubbed salt in the wound. 30 years ago GM did not stand by a warrenty that was 50 miles over, they had the wright to not fix a blown engine. And I will never buy a GM product. EVER! I really like the product but I am feel the same way now. I was going to get another Tesla now, I will just have patients and see what Tesla does.
I hope Tesla is different. Big Step changes even in a good direction can be a problem. What about Bob ,Baby steps, not game.

Boonedocks | 05. august 2019

@Loui many of us here have been right where you are now. Some of us 2+ times.

Just have to accept that is part of the journey of buying new Tesla’s. As many say....just enjoy your car as you ordered and paid for it.

On my 3rd new custom order (4 total Tesla’s 3rd S) and have had to let the same feelings go more than once

magesh.tektal | 05. august 2019

@Loui: If you took possession less than a week back and driven less than 1K miles, you have an option to return it & start the process all over again right? If not, talk to Tesla & see what they can do to resolve it and if they don't budge, do a purchase redo. Like what @RightHandRule did/does.

@lilbean: I ordered the car (pre Raven, inventory 2019 MS) last week & requested a case put in. It got resolved & I was told by two folks internally, they have added the FUSC to my account. But yes, I have to wait & see if that's true.

@bklynpanman: Check in with you sales repl/delivery advisor. If its not there, request them. It may/should work.


2015P90DI | 05. august 2019

Referral program is basically pointless right now in its current form. The only "benefit" is it puts in you in the lottery to win a Roadster or Model X. Other than that, now that unlimited supercharging is included, there's no benefit to the buyer to use a referral code with basically no benefit to the seller. Now, possibly the 1,000 miles of free supercharging apply to a Model 3 purchase?. I don't know that one for sure, but might still be beneficial to have a referral code if you're purchasing a Model 3.

Tesla did make concessions to Model 3 buyers that missed out on the Performance upgrade. Prior to that, they rarely ever did anything for existing owners. Once they had your money and you had your car, they were done with that transaction. With the Model 3, they supposedly refunding people $5,000. Other than that, haven't seen them ever make concessions to buyers who just missed out on new features/benefits. The "right thing to do" would be "flip the switch" and make recent customers happy by retroactively adding unlimited supercharging to their accounts, but again, most of the time though, they don't. When FSD prices were slashed from $11,000 to $2,000, those that paid $11,000 didn't get squat. A self pat on the back was the best you could offer yourself. Same thing with those that just paid $20,000 for Ludicrous mode, only for it now to be a free option. Such is the life of Tesla ownership. Better get used it.

Kind of funny how once the referral benefits ended, we don't see nearly as many youtube videos from the same people over and over and over again. They no longer have a benefit to spend their time to get referrals. Guess it shows which ones were in it for themselves and which ones were in it because they actually want to promote Tesla. Will give Bjorn Nyland credit as he still posts new videos every single day. But, a lot of the previous regulars are missing in action.

acegreat1 | 05. august 2019

2015p90dl, +1000 on the last part

jc228hob | 05. august 2019

orederd MX 7/24/19 , will I get free supercharging ? Just got VIN 8/3/19

arrestedcloud | 08. august 2019

I got delivery of my car on 8/3 and today the sales person emailed me that they have added free supercharging to my account. I had them open a case on Tuesday.

It does not show on my tesla account supercharging status yet. But he assured me it is added and the surest way to check would be to supercharge and check for a $0 account balance.

Bighorn | 08. august 2019

My account has been wrong for a year on my 3 and I’ve supercharged over 35k miles for free—it says pay per use.

magesh.tektal | 08. august 2019

@arrestedcloud: I ordered the car on 7/26 thinking there was FUSC. Two days later, I was told it was a mistake and a case was opened to request FUSC. A week back, Tesla started the FUSC for all inventory & new cars. The previous night, to the announcement, I was assured it was resolved (I'll get free FUSC) .

I picked the car yesterday & I see FUSC on my account. It did take about 4 hours to refresh. (FWIW, I printed the page just in case Tesla changes its mind - again.).

FWIW, do what the sale guy told you. After you supercharge, you'll see a cost on your dash; but on your account the balance should be zero. If that's the case, most likely, you have FUSC. G'luck.

Boonedocks | 08. august 2019

“ Bighorn
My account has been wrong for a year on my 3 and I’ve supercharged over 35k miles for free—it says pay per use”

I had to use a SC a week ago since I needed more than the new 48Amp max could give me. )Sure miss my 72Amp). My Raven Performance + L was shows “pay per use” and I have 10,000miles I’d free SC.

As of 6 days after SC the mileage counter has not gone down and there is no SC showing under my history for that day. 2 previous short charges have shown up and taken off my counter and under history.

I wonder if they retro-activated the FUSC to all Ravens?

inconel | 08. august 2019

I hope FUSC stays long enough for Roadster deliveries!

Bighorn | 08. august 2019

I suspect they’ll grant FUSC to all Ravens though I’ve not seen this confirmed.

2015P90DI | 08. august 2019

I just found out directly from Tesla that "Free Unlimited Supercharging" this time around, for new car orders, is only good for three years, then the car reverts to pay per use. They also clarified that it will NOT transfer to a different owner. It applies only to the original owner. Thus, if you sell the car after one year, FUSC is gone from the car when it you transfer ownership.

They also clarified that FUSC is only up to 80% charge. If you charge beyond 80% at a supercharger, then it's a case by case basis where they "may" charge you for over charging.

Of course there are idle fees as well.

So, the conclusion to all of the above is that, Tesla needs to change the term from "Free Unlimited Supercharging" to "Free Supercharging, Under Certain Conditions For A Specified Period Of Time For The Original Owner" as it's definitely not "unlimited". So FUSC is now "FSUCCFASPOTFTOO"

NKYTA | 08. august 2019

From what you have heard, from somebody at Tesla.


2015P90DI | 08. august 2019

ok nkyta, be like all the rest and make your assumptions. No, didn't "hear" it, have AOTA in writing. Go have some more kool-aide.

gilsnolan | 24. august 2019

I was promised 10,000 miles of free super charging when I purchased my Model SP on May 9, 2019. I continue being charged a charge usage fee on my credit card. Tesla manager assures me that, although there is a problem with the "system", it will be resolved soon but it persists after three months.
Did anyone have a similar experience?