Arctic Temperature Data

Arctic Temperature Data

To melt away the Arctic ice, it will take a lot more than 274 deg. K!

See the 2019 summertime temperatures north of 80 deg. North latitude? Same as the 1958-2002 mean!

SamO | 10. desember 2019

Temperature sensors are socialism.

SCCRENDO | 10. desember 2019

I have 4 grandchildren with a 5th on the way (a 7yr old, two 3 year olds and a 2 year old). Thus I am constantly being reminded that your mental age is around 2-3. My 3 year old granddaughter is definitely smarter than you. They have their own Tesla kiddie car. And they understand that their grandparents don’t put gasoline in their cars.They run on electricity so we can save the planet for them and their children. And the understand how the sun gives us electricity. And are excited when our solar heater heats up the pool for them to swim in when it is cold outside.

MitchP85D | 10. desember 2019

I am amused by the fact SCCRENDOO had to defend why he keeps talking about his 2 year old grandson for 4 years running. He has used that line about 50 times so far.

andy.connor.e | 10. desember 2019

Hes using it because its a relevant comparison. If you read carefully you'd catch that.

MitchP85D | 10. desember 2019

Andoo, why do you feel so compelled to defend SCCRENdoo?

Back to the Arctic.

In 2006, the Arctic sea ice minimum was 5,774,000 km^2.

In 2019, the Arctic sea ice minimum was 4,153,000 km^2.

Oh my goodness. That is proof right there the Arctic sea ice is melting away to oblivion, humans are causing it, and we must stop fossil fuel use now! And if the human-caused global warming alarmists would have their way, it would be an open and shut case. "The science is settled" they say.

However, there is more to the story. Let's take a look at 09 DEC 2006 and 2019.

09 DEC 2006 - 11,271,000 km^2

09 DEC 2019 - 11,343,000 km^2

See that folks? The 2019 Arctic sea ice extent has caught up, and is now running HIGHER than 2006.

This is the kind of data the global warming alarmists want to hide from the public. They only want to show the first set of data. The second set needs to be erased from the public record!

This is what I do. I bring data to the debate. And I look at the whole picture. Not just what the fraudulent global warming propagandists want to show!

andy.connor.e | 10. desember 2019

Im being a smartass. You take what happens on this dumb thread way too seriously.

MitchP85D | 10. desember 2019

Not really Andoo. I don't take life all that seriously. Why in the heck would I take the Tesla Forum way too seriously?

andy.connor.e | 10. desember 2019

Its either you take it too seriously, or you actually dont take any of this seriously, including everything you say. You are strange.

andy.connor.e | 10. desember 2019

Aside, i can appreciate the nick names you make up. They are pretty good

SCCRENDO | 10. desember 2019

SO our 3rd rate weathermoron is still puzzled that sea ice forms in winter as temperatures drop.

MitchP85D | 10. desember 2019

Andy, I don't take life too seriously. But while I am alive and kickin', I do like to fight for what I have. We have a good thing going here in America. If I lose, I will adapt.

MitchP85D | 10. desember 2019

Nothing at all puzzling about natural climate variation SCCRENdoo.I am simply pointing out to you that CO2 is not the primary driver of climate.

SCCRENDO | 10. desember 2019

I see no CO2 data. Just Arctic sea ice freezing in winter. Wow. Who would have thunk

RedShift | 10. desember 2019


“ I do like to fight for what I have. ”

Whose fighting you? Why do they want what you have?

I dare say no one envies you here, Mitch. Not your intellect, not your loud mouth, the childish name calling..

No one will fight you to have those.

MitchP85D | 10. desember 2019

Hey LeftShift, I was not referring to my personal attributes. You just went off your rocker and shot off like a bottle rocket on that one. I am fighting for choices in the marketplace. I enjoy having the option to drive my Tesla to Dallas from Houston. My wife prefers to drive our Chevy truck down to Corpus Christi to see her family there. I want that CHOICE of motor vehicle to continue. And yes, that choice is worth fighting for. You enviro-freaks want to take away that choice from my wife and me.

Got it now LeftShift?

RedShift | 11. desember 2019

Wow, you think you are fighting for market choices?

Is that why didn’t you respond to my link about the fossil fuel subsidies then? You asked for it, and I provided a link that shows a bipartisan neutral study of how fossil fuels still get their subsidy.

Where’s your fighting spirit!??

Don’t kid yourself, bozo!

sabbia | 11. desember 2019

SamO is wrong. Temperature sensors are communism.

andy.connor.e | 11. desember 2019

You dont fight market. You vote with your dollars. Where are your dollars going?

teslu3 | 11. desember 2019

"Where are your dollars going?" In part, paying taxes for fossil fuel subsidies and externalities. HIgher medical bills to pay for others' extra health costs due to fossil fuel pollution.
If the IMF reported 2018 cost of $649B fossil fuel subsidies in evenly split over all USA citizens, about 330M, then a family of four is paying $7866/year for fossil fuel subsidies and externalities. That is more than the $7500 US credit that some EV buyers get (Tesla's goes to 0 in 3 weeks). Socialism for fossil fuels.

MitchP85D | 11. desember 2019

Hey tesloo the 3rd, if you are going to rack up some bogus monetary figures for fossil fuel costs, will you also give credit to the contributions to society by fossil fuels? Think of all of the forests that have been saved due to fossil fuel use. Can you imagine what would happen to the world's forests if we were still burning wood for fuel?

Think of the refrigeration of food and the energy required for that. Don't you think fossil fuel electricity generation had something to do with that? Think of the upgrade to the health of humanity that brought to the world. Think of the shipping and air travel that was made possible by fossil fuels. Don't you think international trade has upgraded the living standards of the world?

You fossil fuel hating zealots don't think about those things. You think our well being is just a given in life, without any consideration whatsoever about all of the trail and error of the past to get to where we are today.

As I've stated before, the Fossil Fuel era will hardly register as a little blip in the future paleoclimate history of the earth. Our technological advances will come up with something better, cheaper, and cleaner than fossil fuels in the future - probably a mere few hundred years.

Those of you who think you can just snap your political fingers and abolish fossil fuels are mentally deranged. It requires science and engineering to replace fossil fuels - not politics like you silly global warming zealots think!

jimglas | 11. desember 2019

I am glad he has his own thread to post his crap

MitchP85D | 11. desember 2019

Go ahead jimmy. Let's go point by point. What did I post that is crap? See if you can be specific.

MitchP85D | 11. desember 2019

Correction - "trial and error" in previous post.

RedShift | 11. desember 2019

See how Mitch “ the fighter “ avoids fighting for the free markets when it comes to subsidies on fossil fuels?

Flaming hypocrite, just like the rest of his conservative cohort.

teslu3 | 11. desember 2019

" It requires science and engineering to replace fossil fuels - not politics"
If the US did not have such massive subsides for fossil fuels, there would be far more interest and demand for renewable energy, EVs and sustainable practices. More R&D to develop innovative and much more efficient products.
Politics drives such continuing unnecessary and destructive subsidies, consumptive lifestyles and wasteful use of energy - but it gives massive profits to polluters. Don't need government to own the R&D, just get rid of the fossil fuel subsidies. Politics strongly discourages sustainability. Ever notice how the USA has far more business and legal students than STEM? In other countries the ratio is flipped - the USA effectively discourages STEM.

andy.connor.e | 11. desember 2019

both are guilty. Policy can maintain a status quo.

MitchP85D | 11. desember 2019

OK tesloo the 3rd, point out the fossil fuel subsidies. An opinion piece article is no good. Show me where the federal government actually pays the oil industry a check to go drill somewhere,

teslu3 | 11. desember 2019
RedShift | 11. desember 2019

I have already shown him, tesla. He completely ignored it.

He is just a POS wasting your time. And others’.

RedShift | 11. desember 2019


teslu3 | 11. desember 2019

Yep. Of course. Unfortunately I know many folks like him.
This discourse is but an exercise in striving for a factual response.
It is a bit of fun to give test rides in Trump territory, especially when their kids come.
Youth tend to be more concerned about the future and have pretty good bs detectors.
Can't hit them broadside, Socratic method is better.

RedShift | 11. desember 2019

It is a bit of fun, jerking these Trump retards around.

SCCRENDO | 11. desember 2019

I disagree. It’s pretty boring

teslu3 | 12. desember 2019

It is not at all boring to give test rides to MAGAts (Make Americans Gasoholics Again trump supporters).
show them how it is fun, useful, connected, ecomical. Price? stop and visit the web site. Show the current weather. Ask them what music they like, have them say "play ...". Easy to charge, no messy gas stations. Clean and quiet. Most American made car. Youth love the tech. New generation car for generations young ... and old. Longevity. Sustainability. Solar & wind, not dumping CO2 and noxious chemicals into the air, help preserve Arctic...

No need for hot political discussions. Share concerns and possible solutions.

MitchP85D | 12. desember 2019

Now, time to slap around you goofy, dumbass liberal democrats.

Fossil fuels get a whopping 7% of all energy subsidies!

MitchP85D | 12. desember 2019

Forbes has a good breakdown on what you silly liberals call "subsidies" for the oil industry.

SCCRENDO | 12. desember 2019

More facts to confuse our 3rd rate weathermoron. He needs to go back to the Arctic to learn something.

andy.connor.e | 12. desember 2019

this guy is literally hilarious

RedShift | 12. desember 2019


Hey POS, here is the link I had posted upon YOUR request a while back.

You’ve been avoiding that link because you don’t like what you see!

Also, it’s that it is drafted by both parties, a truly nonpartisan report.

Let’s hear your delusional spin on that!

jimglas | 13. desember 2019

ICE vehicles are cleaner than EV's
there, I answered for mitch

SCCRENDO | 13. desember 2019

@jimglas. That would be Darth’s answer. Our 3rd rate weathermoron libertarian would say that the free market says ICE vehicles are cleaner..

jimglas | 13. desember 2019

I stand corrected

andy.connor.e | 13. desember 2019

Havent you heard of clean coal? ICE is cleaner

MitchP85D | 13. desember 2019

Hey LeftShift, you are letting your emotions get the best of you. I scanned through the EESI article you posted. Forbes has already answered the issues raised by EESI.

What you silly liberals call subsidies are basically just tax write-offs allowed by corporate tax law, for any corporation!

Every business has a cost of doing business. They have to pay employees, pay rent, pay insurance, pay utilities, pay the payroll tax, pay for equipment, pay maintenance fees, etc. The oil industry like any other business has these expenses for doing business. And they write off their expenses just like any other business does.

And you silly global warming worshippers call these "subsidies."

This is why I voted for Ron Paul. He wanted to scrap the entire income tax system. This way, there would be no write-offs for you goofy, dumbass, worthless pieces of dog poop democrats to complain about!

RedShift | 13. desember 2019


I provided a bipartisan link. In return, you provided a link on Forbes website but written by a fossil fuel associated organization.

Should I have expected better? No, given your history. You didn’t analyze the EESI link and provide your thoughts. You don’t have the acumen, so that wasn’t surprising.

So why am I still trying to have a logical conversation with you, when you’ve clearly Demi started lack of seriousness or intention to analyze with your own thought process?

Good question. I guess I had some free time!

RedShift | 13. desember 2019


I provided a bipartisan link. In return, you provided a link on the Forbes website but written by a fossil fuel associated organization. (drillinginfo)

Should I have expected better? No, given your history. You didn’t analyze the EESI link and provide your thoughts. You don’t have the acumen, so that wasn’t surprising.

So why am I still trying to have a logical conversation with you, when you’ve clearly demonstrated a lack of seriousness or intention to analyze with your own thought process?

Good question. I guess I had some free time!

(Fixed typos)

RedShift | 13. desember 2019

BTW, I did read through your drillinginfo piece. It reads like Exxon executives wrote it. Of course, they wish to ignore all the costs associated with getting the polluting liquid into your car from the contentious places they originate from.

It’s like asking fox to defend why it stacks the chicken.

Not surprising, that that low quality link is what you chose to counter with.

MitchP85D | 14. desember 2019

No LeftShift, just like how you fail to face the fact of your number one source of electricity generation in California, you also fail to face the fact of corporate tax law. For a corporation to remain in business, they have to deduct their business expenses to survive in the marketplace.

Silly global warming worshipping leftists like you don't want corporate tax law to apply to all corporations across the board. You only want tax law to apply to those corporations you prefer, and to hell with the ones you don't like. And for the ones you don't like, you and the rest of your silly gang of Green New Dealers will make the false claim that those corporations are subsidized. It is untrue and slanderous. And folks like me are calling you out on it.

jimglas | 14. desember 2019

yes the cult that believes in facts
the horror .....

RedShift | 14. desember 2019

Dumbass, if you add all the renewables, they amount to more than fossils in California electricity generation.

It’s an indictment of our education system that a professional weatherman like or can not grasp a simple mathematical concept.