Arctic Temperature Data

Arctic Temperature Data

To melt away the Arctic ice, it will take a lot more than 274 deg. K!

See the 2019 summertime temperatures north of 80 deg. North latitude? Same as the 1958-2002 mean!

SCCRENDO | 06. september 2019

@sabbia. Just on an academic note. We all have some Neanderthal in us. Neanderthals have the Foxp2 gene. But it may be expressed differently

HADRON COLLIDER | 06. september 2019

"You can't make this stuff up."

Yet, I did. But only to respond in kind to the slings & arrows of the Creature Itself.

HADRON COLLIDER | 06. september 2019

"You can't make this stuff up."

Yet, I did. But only to respond in kind to the slings & arrows of the Creature Itself.

RedShift | 06. september 2019

Do as I say, not as I do, eh Hadron?

MitchP85D | 06. september 2019

Hey, you global warming zealots should have bet me. I told you I was likely to lose on the 4,500,000 km^2 line. Here is where the Arctic ice stands:

05 SEP 2019 - 4,325,000 km^2

Oh well, you missed an opportunity. 2019 is mirroring the 2016 season right now.

What is going on in Antarctica?

05 SEP 2019 - 18,180,000 km^2

What is the 1981-2010 mean for 05 SEP?

18,310,000 km^2

So, as of 05 SEP 2019, the Antarctic ice is running 130,000 km^2 below normal. Are all of you global warming fanatics distraught that the ice extent is 0.7% below normal? Or, are you distraught over the fact that it is not more than that. "Melt dammit melt!"

leeramer | 07. september 2019

Jorgen Umaq and his dogs traverse an icy area near Qaanaaq in northern Greenland. It is one of the northernmost towns in the world. Because ice thickness there has been declining, hunters like Umaq can't travel as far as they could before

i guess Jorgen did not get Mitch's message that his home is not melting.

jimglas | 07. september 2019

I think mitch cut and pastes this misinformation 4-5 times per day

dmm1240 | 07. september 2019

I'm distraught that I'm sitting at home today because the temperature for my favorite team's home opener is 97° today, a record temp for this time of year, because our seats are in the sun and last year's opener looked like Beirut after a terrorist attack with people being carried out of the stands and transported to hospitals by the hundreds, that the stands were empty that day by halftime and that local weather forecasters — real meteorologists — are warning people they might want to skip this one for safety's sake.

I'm distraught to learn that the death toll in the Bahamas is likely to hit thousands of victims, that all buildings on some islands was wiped out by yet another monster storm.

I'm distraught that attendance at our community pool this summer was next to nothing because it's too hot to sit out.

I'm distraught that my old college roommate has had to evacuate his home in North Florida two years straight.

I'm distraught that starving polar bears are invading apartment buildings in Russia looking for food because their normal habitat has disappeared.

I'm distraught that temperatures in France reached 114°F in France this summer, only 9° short of the all time record set in Death Valley a century ago, that temperatures in Anchorage AK hit 90° plus consistently this summer.

Nobody's cheering for the ice to melt you idiot. We would like to see it stop.

The good news is you're the guy in the robe standing on a soapbox screaming as passersby. Nobody is listening and shouldn't because you're dead wrong.

MitchP85D | 07. september 2019

Misinformation jimmy flaggie boy?

Here is the source:

It covers both Arctic and Antarctic.

MitchP85D | 07. september 2019

High resolution image of Antarctica:

Is that misinformation jimmy flaggie boy?

MitchP85D | 07. september 2019

Hey dim one, all of those events you've listed have happened in the past. You think what is happening today is extraordinary? Well, you are flat our wrong! There is nothing new under the sun. But that is what you global warming zealots are fraudulently trying to convince everybody of. What is happening now is something new under the sun. All a climate realist like me has to do is look at weather history. And it is loaded with events that have happened decades and centuries before present that were every bit as severe as today's events.

MitchP85D | 07. september 2019

Make that, "flat out wrong!"

SCCRENDO | 07. september 2019

What does it mean to be called flat out wrong by a flat earther???

dmm1240 | 07. september 2019

Scream away man on a soapbox. Nobody is listening.

MitchP85D | 07. september 2019

Not everywhere in Greenland is melting away to oblivion leery one. Same goes for you dim one and SCCRENDODO!

MitchP85D | 07. september 2019

By the way you global warming fraudsters, here is a nice update on Greenland.

The melting season is over with:

As of 06 SEP 2019, only a few coastal spots are still melting:

And here is the accumulated ice melt for 2019:

As you can see, the melting occurs in the lower lying coastal areas. Very little occurs in the interior. That ice is not melting away. The ice builds up in the winter, and some melts in the summer. The melting is on the order of a drop in the pond when compared to the total ice in Greenland.

SCCRENDO | 07. september 2019

@dmm. I am about to catch my flight. I am exhausted with a few drinks in listening to this idiot rant. It’s like a comedy show.

HADRON COLLIDER | 07. september 2019

"dmm1240 | September 7, 2019
Scream away man on a soapbox. Nobody is listening."

Actually, the intelligent ones ARE listening.

The rest--sheeple all--bleat and endlessly re-bleat the disinformation that the government/climate change "industry" vomits out daily.

Sad, that.

Mike83 | 07. september 2019

LOL what a funny thread. Must be on some other planet.

Tesla-David | 07. september 2019

Yes, reading Mitch’s idiotic and thoroughly disgusting responses to @dmm1240’s heart felt and disturbing documentation of our present reality makes me want to puke. What a revolting human being you are Mitch!

SCCRENDO | 07. september 2019

But then the earth is flat and Mars is round.

MitchP85D | 08. september 2019

Previous Interglacial Period had less CO2, but warmer than our present Interglacial.

If that makes Tessie flaggie boy puke, well, I'm just all broken up about that!

RedShift | 08. september 2019

That’s because you are a broken toy.

SCCRENDO | 08. september 2019

Portugal is having a major heatwave. 86 degrees and humid in Lisbon.

jimglas | 08. september 2019


MitchP85D | 08. september 2019

So RedShift, I am a broken toy because Antarctic ice core data shows the previous Interglacial Period was warmer than our current Interglacial, even though the CO2 concentration was lower back then?

Hey SCCRENDODO, it's still summer.

Climate data disturbs liberals!

jimglas | 08. september 2019

facts disturb conservatives

MitchP85D | 08. september 2019

The summit of liberal denocrat intelligence -

"We choose truth over facts!"

Joe Biden - 2019

RedShift | 08. september 2019

What about ‘alternative facts’?

HADRON COLLIDER | 08. september 2019

Spring = Temperate
Summer = Hot
Fall = Temperate
Winter = Cold

There! Was that so difficult to assimilate?

Here's one from Thomas Sowell; some of you might actually be cognizant of the strength of his intelligence and integrity:

"Would you bet your paycheck on a weather forecast for tomorrow? If not, then why should this country bet billions on global warming predictions that have even less foundation?"

jimglas | 08. september 2019

Answer: Because its an undeniable fact

RedShift | 08. september 2019

Coz weather forecasts have less impact on life as we know it all around the globe.

It’s like talking to a 5th grader. Unsurprising.

MitchP85D | 08. september 2019

Now that's a peculiar concept jimmy flaggie boy. Calling something that hasn't happened yet, a forecast, "an undeniable fact." That can only come from the mind of a goofy, dumbass liberal democrat!

MitchP85D | 08. september 2019

Hey RedShift, there is not one climate forecast anywhere on earth as valuable as this one weather forecast!

MitchP85D | 08. september 2019

HC, Thomas Sowell is one of the great minds of our time!

MitchP85D | 08. september 2019

Arctic temperature dropping like it normally does.

TabascoGuy | 09. september 2019

"one of the great minds of our time!"

Didn't the munchkins say that about the Wizard too?

HADRON COLLIDER | 09. september 2019

@Mitch:These committed enviro-nazis doubtless believe that Al Gore has more brain wattage than Thomas Sowell.


rxlawdude | 09. september 2019


Well, another added to the twit filter.

andy.connor.e | 09. september 2019

@Hadron: You climate change denial-nazis doubtless believe that your individual knowledge is superior to the global scientific consensus.

See how i can make someone look really dumb in 1 sentence that i created?

jimglas | 09. september 2019

well done andy

MitchP85D | 09. september 2019

Well, it looks like the Arctic sea ice melt is getting close to the minimum:

06 SEP 2019 - 4,308,000 km^2

07 SEP 2019 - 4,293,000 km^2

08 SEP 2019 - 4,297,000 km^2

The Arctic sea ice extent is currently 789,000 km^2 above the 2012 minimum.

08 SEP 2012 - 3,508,000 km^2

I believe it is safe to say that 2019 will make 7 YEARS IN A ROW CLOSING ABOVE THE 2012 SATLELITE ERA MINIMUM!

Yet, you goofy, dumbass, global warming zealot democrats will continue to scream, "the ice is melting, the ice is melting!" "Stop fossil fuel use now, or are all gonna drown from the rapidly rising sea levels!" "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

jimglas | 09. september 2019

i think he missed his meds this morning

MitchP85D | 09. september 2019

Make that, "or we are all gonna drown..."

And while the Arctic ice is stabilizing, Antarctica is rolling along with its wintertime ice expansion.

08 SEP 2019 - 18,191,000 km^2

08 SEP 2018 - 17,874,000 km^2

08 SEP 2017 - 17,912,000 km^2

08 SEP 1981-2010 Average - 18,397,000 km^2

After the big ice compaction event of 2016, the Antarctic sea extent is only running 206,000 km^2 below the 1981-2010 average.

All of the hysterical yakin' about the Antarctic ice shelves collapsing is nothing more than hysterical rantings from an apocalyptic cult!

MitchP85D | 09. september 2019

A bit short on refuting climate data jimmy flaggie boy?

jimglas | 09. september 2019

been there
done that

MitchP85D | 09. september 2019

And done very little.

jimglas | 09. september 2019

i know, just some factual information to ignore,
but i tried