Are you happy?

Are you happy?

Was there a before your Tesla and an after-Tesla in your life?

Were you living a life with a void and it has now been filled?

Did you feel shallow but now you feel your happiness is outa this world

Magic 8 Ball | 06. august 2019

Oh, boy, another one.

CharleyBC | 06. august 2019

I have a 12-hour drive to do Thursday, and I'm looking forward to it with great excitement. Does that answer your question?

82bert | 06. august 2019

No void needing filled. But I’m now a “car guy”.

vmulla | 06. august 2019

I don't envy other cars since Tesla

jimglas | 06. august 2019

I now detest my weekly long commute day less

Joshan | 06. august 2019

not as happy as a plugged in Tesla

hokiegir1 | 06. august 2019

I've never read a car's manual before this one.

raqball | 06. august 2019

I am thrilled with mine... The only thing I am not happy about it that I waited to get one (range anxiety issues) as long as I did... Knowing what I know now I would have put a deposit down day 1...

terminator9 | 06. august 2019

Yes, I have seen everything in this life!

garoman29 | 06. august 2019

I am now a Tesla disciple and am converting others who ride in the car.

mrburke | 06. august 2019

I used to avoid driving.

Not any more.

legna_fo_htaed | 06. august 2019

Having a hard time getting people to check the car out. Once they do they mostly love it, but the thought of range and batteries is still very unnerving to a lot of people, and makes the transition very difficult to grasp..

With that being said I am still ABSOLUTELY ECSTATIC.

dmastro | 06. august 2019

I'm going to go out on a limb and state that for every Tesla owner there was a before-Tesla time. I'm guessing most of us haven't reached the after-Tesla stage yet.

If you're asking if it's changed my life, no. No car has except maybe the first car I bought for $500 when I was a 16 year old kid. It's a darn good car, one of the favorites that I've owned, though, and a practical family commuter.

eugene | 06. august 2019

Yes, very!

spuzzz123 | 06. august 2019

Material things don’t fill voids. Im sure you are being sarcastic, poking fun at fan boys. But driving is (most of the time) something to look forward to and that’s the truth.

lbowroom | 06. august 2019

I've always enjoyed driving and this is by far the best drivers car I've ever owned. People who merely see it as an appliance to transport themselves and their belongings around probably have a different scale.

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 06. august 2019

Now you've got me thinking that I should not have gotten a 12" Tesla logo tattooed on my chest.

andy.connor.e | 06. august 2019

Filling voids doesnt work. Learn how to close your own void so your life doesnt suffer from it.

Maxxer | 06. august 2019


yeah I was poking.

But for me the happiness comes from doing the things that make me happy without having to destroy the planet anymore. Driving my ICE car disgusted me in the days and I tried to avoid driving as much as I could. Now I don’t put the CO2 emissions footprint from transportation in the balance anymore.

SamO | 06. august 2019

Vote with your dollars for a better world.


Love Tesla cars, whereas before, I could not have cared less and never spent more than $5000 on a car.

Am positive about changing the planet and making the future better for kids and grandkids.

lilbean | 06. august 2019

Same here. Getting our powerwalls soon! :)

St☰v☰ | 06. august 2019

Heh heh, when I read the title I immediately thought of the old Iron Butterfly song, cir '68... ;)

cmh95628 | 06. august 2019

So very happy. This car makes me feel like a teenager again, and brings me great joy. I never had any brand loyalty (for any product, not just cars) until Tesla came along. Now I can't even imagine driving anything else, since I really don't think anything better will come along under another badge/brand. Time will tell.

ronocoug | 06. august 2019

I. Will. NEVER. Buy. Another. ICE. Car. Again!!

ST70 | 06. august 2019


rxlawdude | 06. august 2019

Double happy. Once for the S and once for the 3.

Shesmyne2 | 06. august 2019

+1 rxlawdude

Still Grinning ;-)

sheldon.mike1010 | 06. august 2019

Bright red "T" on forehead here.

Magic 8 Ball | 06. august 2019

Blood or did you wimp out and go with ink?

sheldon.mike1010 | 06. august 2019

Jailhouse ink.

M3phan | 06. august 2019

Now I’m a car handwasher

vmulla | 06. august 2019

M3phan | August 6, 2019
Now I’m a car handwasher


Learning to wash the car with very little water is something I learnt here on the forum. Thanks to everyone who promoted the two bucket no-rinse technique - it plays nicely with Tesla's mission towards sustainability

Maxxer | 07. august 2019


you gotta give me the link for that

I do the 1 bucket technique washing with the old soap water I used to clean my bicycle

vmulla | 07. august 2019

Search for rinseless wash, there are many videos on YouTube. Most popular product to use seems to be optima no rinse (based on forum enthusiasm for it)
Each video has a slightly different way, you'll figure out something that works for you. I can now clean 2 cars with a single bucket of water - and that's by using more water than I really need :)

vmulla | 07. august 2019

And yes yes... I'm very happy with the car :)

billtphotoman | 07. august 2019

I prioritize experiences over physical objects when it comes to spending and am generally a "tight wad" but the $55K I spent on my model 3 LR RWD has been totally worth the extra couple of months it delayed my retirement. So, yes, I am happy.

catoriswann | 07. august 2019

My M3 filled a Tesla sized void in my garage!

I am an old gear head. I used to drive almost only Fords, which meant I was my own mechanic. Not a month would go by without me on my back under my pickup, or elbow deep in my Focus. I have always loved cars.

But with my Tesla, that appreciation has gone sky-high. I used to wash my car maybe once every four or five months. I was notorious for the mountain of junk I carted around in my passenger and back seats. I saw my cars a tools. Devices with one functional role to fulfill: transport me and my tools/materials to jobsites.

Now, I wash my car by hand every Sunday, wax her once a month, vacuum her out twice a week, and keep a Microfiber Cloth in my center console for emergency bug gut and bird shit removal. I shuttle my kids around at least three times a week, and for the first time ever, I have a no food, no drink policy in my car.

My enthusiasm is clearly being inherited. My five year old boy gets super excited whenever we get to take a ride in the Tesla, and he is always on the lookout for other 3s, Ss, and Xs out and about.

Once the Y comes out, I am getting one for my wife, whether she likes it or not.

SalisburySam | 07. august 2019

Happy with the vehicle? Absolutely. Happy with my return on the $8k for EAP/FSD, not so much. Firmware 24.4 and its greatly increased phantom braking took all the luster off the EAP/FSD stuff since it is the basic TACC that appears to be causing the problem. Coupled with AutoPark and Summon never working for me for whatever reason, that’s pretty much the whole $8k flushed away. Fortunately the vehicle sans auto-crap is a wonderful vehicle in its own right, and driving it is pleasurable. And I have hope the rest of the stuff can be significantly improved, hopefully during my ownership.

jojoe | 07. august 2019

I'm 61 years old and best car I have ever owned. New 8/10/18 and keeps getting better.
Still Grinning :)

hokiegir1 | 07. august 2019

I can't see this thread title without hearing this song (NOT a Rick Roll):

nhunguyen | 07. august 2019

not yet!
until I get wireless charging and my fsd!

Mike83 | 07. august 2019

@catoriswann Well said.
Don't know what to do with my old ICE tools. Garage sale maybe.
We have an S and a 3 and use the waterless spray to get the bugs off using the microfiber. My wife keeps her Tesla clean unlike her old ICE cars.
Grinning ;-)

jimglas | 07. august 2019

this is the first car I have bothered to wash

Kathy Applebaum | 07. august 2019

The void in my life was my bumper-to-bumper commute home. Now I just engage EAP, turn up the music, and enjoy my void-free life. So yes, my Tesla has fulfilled me. :)

minervo.florida | 07. august 2019

Do you know that Christian von Koenigsegg who builds the super exotic sportswear drive a Tesla Model 3 for his daily driver.

minervo.florida | 07. august 2019

Sportsware should be sports car

jimglas | 07. august 2019

I like superexotic sportswear also

dmastro | 07. august 2019

hokiegir1 | August 7, 2019
I can't see this thread title without hearing this song (NOT a Rick Roll):

That's exactly what a Rick Roll'er would say.

teslu3 | 07. august 2019

Yes. Long commute is much nicer & safer with EAP and great music to avoid stressful "news".

hokiegir1 | 07. august 2019

LOL @Dmastro. I promise! It's a 90's song by No Doubt. :)