8 weeks 10,500 miles Road Trip

8 weeks 10,500 miles Road Trip

I completed an 8 weeks, 10,500 miles round trip from Atlanta in my X90D. Listed are the places we stayed either because there were Tesla Superchargers in the town or the hotel had destination chargers. We stayed with friends and relatives some of the time, but mostly hotels. I have two issues. One, I could not drive from Canmore, AB to the Columbia Icefield with reasonable certainity I could complete the round trip (258 miles) driving at a reasonable speed limit. Two, I was not being able to drive the posted speed limit of 80 mph between Fort MacCleod, Alberta and Great Falls, MT (214 miles with lots of steep rolling hills in Montana). Three stations, Shelby, MT; Great Falls, MT; and Helena, MT have not been built yet. I started with 246 miles of charge (95%), drove 70 mph. Arriving in Great Falls with 22 miles or 8% battery remaining. I was able to drive the most of the route at 5 mph over the posted speed limit without having range anxiety. Finding charger availability was not a problem except LA area. I stopped every 2 or 3 hours (about every Supercharger) because our bladders couldn't last more than that, and averaged about 500 miles a day. I normally charge an extra 30 miles above what the route planner recommends to compensate for wind and elevation changes. Temperature was not a factor and had the AC on 95% of the time. All the stops were planned ahead of the trip so there were no big surprises. The route I drove includes the following cities:

Atlanta, GA/ West Monroe, LA/ Vernon, TX /Albuquerque, NM/Phoenix, AZ/Alhambra, CA/San Bruno, CA/Redding,CA/Redmond, OR/Bellvue, WA/Vancouver, BC/Revelstoke, BC/Canmore, AB/Great Falls, MT/Sheridan, WY/Loveland, CO/Granby,CO (no charger there, but there are in Estes Park and Silverthorne)/Wichita, KS/Mt. Vernon, IL/Atlanta, GA. I convinced the timeshare manager at Granby, CO to consider installing level 2 chargers. I used a 110VAC there overnight to get 3 mph charge overnight to gain some additional mileage before reaching the supercharger in Silverthorne. I took one route over Loveland Pass just for the experience.

The Auto Pilot on auto steer help kept us safe as I occasionally dozed off for several seconds after lunch toward the second hour. At which point, I had my wife drive so I could nap until my next turn to drive. I normally drive with Navigate on Autopilot, but with Lane Change Confirmation-Yes. I don't like the No Lane Change Confirmation because sometimes it waits too late before passing a slower car and I am stuck behind the slower car until the line of faster cars completely passes. Other times it takes too long before it moves out of the passing lane and I am holding up traffic behind me. I rather be in control when to make lane change.

ScooterJim | 07. august 2019

I revised the first paragraph about two limitations related to range.

gguinto | 07. august 2019

That sounds like an awesome trip @ScooterJim! About to leave this Friday for a 6500 mile trip from NY to Fremont CA for the Factory Tour. So I’ve been paying close attention to road trips in the forums lately.

We’re driving our MX 100D and we have stops in Moab, UT and Lake Tahoe, planned. On the way back, we plan to go south and hit Vegas, and stop by DFW to visit relatives before heading back home to NY. This is all in about 17 days!

I’ve been plotting the route on both abetterrouteplanner and evtripplanner and it seems like we won’t be short on SC’s.

Hoping to report back here when the trip is complete.

Saxman | 07. august 2019


Did you notice an appreciably shorter charging time needed, than before the software update improvements?

ScooterJim | 07. august 2019

I have not noticed any shorter charging times than previously on the trip. Which software are you referring to? I had only one update while on the road. Since I returned July 31st, I have received 3 updates. From 60 to 230 miles usually takes around 50 minutes, to 215 miles around 40 minutes. I have a 90D.

jimglas | 08. august 2019

I recently added 100 miles in 10 minutes, started charging at 568 mph.
2019.28.2 in my M3

mbp11 | 08. august 2019

I have a July 2018 MX and have not noticed any real increase in speed in most of the superchargers. Going from 30% to 85% still takes about an hour and 10 minutes, sometimes I can get amperated up to 90 kw but most of the time it is 30-40 kw.

ScooterJim | 09. august 2019

I have an older MX with a 90kW battery. The 100kW battery are capable of charging faster, the model 3 with the 2170 batteries charge even faster. At the most, I see a little over 300 mph for a couple of minutes before dropping below 300mph. I am able to eat a nice meal during lunch without having to rush to unplug the car because I haven't reached my selected charge limit which I choose a very high limit although I won't charge to that limit before leaving.