Collision Avoidance

Collision Avoidance

I've had my M3 for a little over a year and have tried out all the features - except. I got a live exercise yesterday.

Two lines headed south were merging to the left into one. I was in the right lane, signaled to move into the left lane, then started moving to the left after checking my mirror. I saw a pickup in the left lane that seemed far enough back to me. I got about a quarter of the way into the left lane when collision avoidance kicked in. It sounded an alarm and jerked my car hard to the right as I was still steering left. The pickup roared past; apparently he floored it to beat me to the upcoming single lane.

If your M3 sounds an alarm and jerks the steering wheel, don't fight it. Let it do what it's supposed to do.

wiscy67 | 12. august 2019

I believe you're describing the behavior of ELDA - Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance. Yes, it's a cool safety feature. I didn't even buy AP for my SR+ when it was offered and I have ELDA as well and have a similar "saved the day" experience. My car helps keep me safe. | 12. august 2019

@wiscy67 - Actually it's more likely handled by Tesla's Side collision avoidance feature. I'm not aware of any other automaker that can do this. Blind-spot feature on other cars would have likely missed this or given too short of a warning if the vehicle accelerated quickly - and would still require you to take the right action.

Generally when faced with a critical reaction time - 20% of the people do the right thing, 20% do the wrong thing, and the other 60% vary what they may do. Having the car actually move away from the pending accident is really fantastic.

lbowroom | 12. august 2019

blind side indicator - never heard this term

cannot be adjusted - mirrors adjustment is range is fine. Perhaps if the seat is all the way forward and your head is an inch from the steering wheel there could be an issue

only works %- don't know where a statistic for this would be available. From the OP data it's worked 100% of the time. I have also not been struck while changing lanes and have had the warning, so my own experience is also 100%

tew ms us | 12. august 2019

@FISHEV I saw the truck in my side mirror. The car didn't balk when I signaled left nor when I started moving left. That's why I concluded the pickup must have accelerated sharply.

lbowroom | 12. august 2019

Fish's only concern is to make statements that appear to support that Tesla features don't work. Once you look at his posts from that perspective, it'll makes a lot more sense.

spuzzz123 | 12. august 2019

Agflay the ostpay

mrburke | 12. august 2019

This board, reminds me on the Monty Python sketch : "I'm here for an argument "

Magic 8 Ball | 12. august 2019

No you aren't

jimglas | 12. august 2019

One thing never changes
Fish is aways wrong

tucsonsims | 13. august 2019

jimglas | August 12, 2019

"One thing never changes
Fish is aways wrong"

And Bighorn is always right...

RedShift | 13. august 2019

It happened to me too as I was merging into an interstate from an on ramp. The car was moving to the left lane on NOA, and it moved there about 50% of the way and then jerked back.

It was a jerk on a motorbike who thought he’d beat me to the merge from behind me.

RedShift | 13. august 2019

I would also check the side camera footage and provide to the cops if you feel it is warranted. I didn’t take any action on the biker, but he was clearly in the wrong, as he accelerated past me. We were both merging, and I was at least 2 car lengths ahead when I was merging.

tew ms us | 13. august 2019

I didn't think to save the dash cam until it was too late.

Shesmyne2 | 13. august 2019

+1 spuzz123

Still Grinning ;-)