Durability of undercarriage & battery

Durability of undercarriage & battery

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I’m looking for experience - good or bad - on how the undercarriage of the M3 fares with speed bumps, ice chunks, and general road debris. It’s unfortunately an occasional hazard here in the Cascade foothills, particularly in winter. I would think/hope that if the battery shield is pretty tough, I should be fine, but I’m wondering what level of anxiety and/or aftermarket protection is appropriate.


Magic 8 Ball | 12. august 2019 undercarriage

Put that in your URL and find several threads already on that topic.

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Never heard of any need for aftermarket protection. The bottom of the battery is a thick aluminum plate, and prior to that is a breaker bar (titanium in the S/X, and likely in the 3 as well). Here's more details and look at the short videos too see it in action on a Model S.

spuzzz123 | 12. august 2019

There are a lot of owners who live in northern climates. And while it is not ideal for efficiency, I’ve not read of any issues with the battery case or protection of the battery. There are even some stories of flooded Tesla’s whose battery pack remained sealed and safe. Now, there is a composite fabric undercarriage that I think serves as a sound insulator and I have read and even know an owner who have had issues with it ripping after driving through highish water. My buddy said it cost about $250 to repair/replace. I’ve had no problems with mine.

Kathy Applebaum | 12. august 2019

Just took a tour of the gigafactory, and the coating on the battery cover is pretty impressive. I doubt any aftermarket protection short of a sheet of thick stainless steel or titanium is going to add anything useful.

jordanrichard | 12. august 2019

At least on the Model S and X, the battery pack part facing the ground is protected by a 1/4” ballistic grade aluminum plate. The front vertical portion of the pack is protected by titanium plate as well as a pack wide bar to deflect debris down. Tesla even posted in a blog, a video of an alternator going under the car and it crumbled into pieces and so didn’t a cement cinderblock. With that said, I would still be mindful of what you are going over.

bp | 12. august 2019

Awesome, that’s about what I was looking for - thanks! I had to add an aftermarket 1/4” aluminum skid plate for my A4, so this is good peace of mind. I’m aware of the cloth/fabric issue, and my build is new enough that I’ve got the updated materials.

vmulla | 13. august 2019

I can speak to the durability of the battery, It is fantastic!