Lost power on freeway

Lost power on freeway

Last week I was driving on the freeway and experienced a complete loss of the ability to accelerate or maintain my speed. The car quickly decelerated and came to a stop as I attempted to navigate onto the shoulder of the freeway. I had a relatively full charge and never lost power to the computer screen. Has anyone experienced this? Cause? It was pretty nerve-wracking to be going 70mph one minute and have the car coast, under its own volition, to a complete stop with no ability to control the acceleration. After about 15 minutes of trying to "restart" the car, it final engaged and power returned to the accelerator. Thanks for any thoughts you have about this. Tesla did a remote diagnostic and couldn't find the problem. Going in for service later this week.

vmulla | 12. august 2019

Yes. It has happened before.
What firmware version are you on?
Were you trying to switch from Autopilot to manual?

Magic 8 Ball | 12. august 2019

Unless someone has validated first hand experience they are repeating anecdotes trying to make them fact.

vmulla | 12. august 2019

If you search you'll find info of incidents are like yours. Each car's situation is unique

Here's a tip on how to search the forum and see other first hand info:

jjgunn | 12. august 2019

How long have you had your Tesla?
Which version Model 3 are you driving? (LR, SR+, P3D? Other?)
What firmare version are you using?

Your search - "llgaskin" - did not match any documents.

I wonder why that is?

Magic 8 Ball | 12. august 2019

Everything on this forum that has not been validated is hearsay rumor.

lbowroom | 12. august 2019

Any error messages on screen?

BobDobbs | 12. august 2019

"Everything on this forum that has not been validated is hearsay rumor."

Criticism or issue with a Tesla: HEARSAY, FALSE

Rinse, repeat, yawn.

Magic 8 Ball | 12. august 2019

Anecdotes are not facts, praise and criticism are opinions.

raqball | 12. august 2019

BobDobbs | August 12, 2019
"Everything on this forum that has not been validated is hearsay rumor."

Criticism or issue with a Tesla: HEARSAY, FALSE

Rinse, repeat, yawn.

jjgunn | 12. august 2019

The OP has exactly ZERO posts as proven by my Google search.

I'm sorry if I'm skeptical as the very first post is about an electric motor failure. With zero responses from the OP.

You can't fool us. We're here daily trying to help legit people with the legit problems.

Become a productive member of the forum. Don't open your very first post with sensationalised Bullcrap.

Why hasn't the OP posted ANYthing prior?? NOTHING!!

spuzzz123 | 13. august 2019

@jjgunn I think the vast majority of owners don’t post anything on these forums unless they have a problem or complaint. That’s why you see a fair number of issues reported here by first time posters. You and I are probably the oddballs (or magic 8 balls ha) visiting and commenting when nothing is wrong.

jjgunn | 13. august 2019

Ok spuzz, I'm with you....

Where is OP?

Open the thread then go away.... we've seen this before & some have been granted "owner privs" without actually buying a vehicle.

FISHEV | 13. august 2019

"Open the thread then go away."@jjgunn

The Tesla loyalist defending the 24/7 don't realize that most people don't go online to talk about their cars. If in the course of making a service appointment, a Tesla owner happened to notice the forums and decided to post about their experience, they may not come back for days or weeks. To the 24/7 defenders of the faith, this is apostasy and we get the usual attacks on the owner who posted. That owner coming back in a few days or weeks sees the attacks, no information and doesn't bother updating the thread and leaves.

Magic 8 Ball | 13. august 2019

Lies are not useful "information" expect to those that have an agenda to misdirect and misinform. Making "most" claims without supporting data from controlled and accepted data collection techniques are all the liars have to support their hyperbole.

legna_fo_htaed | 13. august 2019

Who paid you to come spread this FUD??

gmr6415 | 13. august 2019

death_of_angel? Really? Just curious.

legna_fo_htaed | 13. august 2019

Angel of Death. SLAYER

pamela_francel | 17. august 2019

We had a similar incident yesterday but we were not on the freeway. Our car suddenly lost the ability to accelerate and we could not navigate to the side of the road since we were going slow to begin with. We actually got out of the car and used "summon" to move the car to the side. We tried everything to get into drive and move again, but nothing worked. Finally we rebooted the screen and the driving functionality came back. This is most unsettling and has made me lose confidence in driving the car we have loved so much.

Lonestar10_1999 | 17. august 2019

If it didn’t happen to M8B then it didn’t happen.

Magic 8 Ball | 17. august 2019

Facts are facts, rumors are rumors. If it happened to me and I report it here it is still an anecdote to everyone. Some just have more convincing talk than others and not everything, not even close to everything, on rumor mills are true. Your gullibility may vary. ; )

jjgunn | 17. august 2019

5 days later & OP is nowhere to be found.

When you post a thread in ANY forum, usually you come back to see what kind of advice/comments you have to help. That doesn't seem to be the case here.

I've owned a Tesla for 14 months & 2 Tesla's for 4 months. 99.9% of people don't experience these so called "issues". If they do exist, I'd like to help but more & more I'm seeing fake issues posted by bad actors.

I've never seen so many people that want an American car company to fail. I'm going to keep posting that until it's no longer true.

Xerogas | 18. august 2019

@llgaskin: my car lost power on the freeway, too. Zooming along in the fast lane, and suddenly with no warning, it just started coasting. I pulled across 4 lanes of traffic to the right side, feeling very unsafe the whole way. It was very dangerous, and could have caused a huge accident.


This was several years ago, and I’m never buying another Mazda again. Service couldn’t explain why the alternator died, but they were happy to sell me a new one.


Bighorn | 18. august 2019

Several cases of “lost power” have turned out to be inadvertently putting the car in neutral. Lots of stalk confusion, especially with folks who go between cars like the Prius with the wiper stalk on the right. They’ve made it harder to accomplish in the 3, but it’s super easy to shift the car to N in the Model S.

howard | 18. august 2019

BobDobbs | August 12, 2019
"Everything on this forum that has not been validated is hearsay rumor."

Criticism or issue with a Tesla: HEARSAY, FALSE

Rinse, repeat, yawn.

+1. Never stops.

Magic 8 Ball | 18. august 2019

Those that exaggerate the positions of others are extremists that likely believe that conspiracies are the most likely explanation for everything. Exaggerations are lies.

dj-tesla | 18. august 2019

I believe the OP because It happened to me few days ago on my MS. Towed to SC. Tesla test said everything is working.

coselectric | 18. august 2019

Last week while driving on the highway, wings popped out of the side of my Model 3 and a dialog box showed up on the screen asking me if I wanted to engage, I think it said, "SpaceX Enhanced Vehicle Dynamics". Before I could click "yes", the wings disappeared and the dialog box disappeared. Tesla support had no comment.

This ever happen to anyone else? By the way this isn't my first post as can be proven by a web search, so I'm credible.

Devilstower | 18. august 2019

Bighorn's statement seems the most reasonable explanation. Considering that pushing down the stalk is something that people do with regularity to engage AP, it's easy enough to believe that someone accidentally moved into neutral without realizing it.

Heck, I had been driving the car for weeks before I realized I didn't even know how to get into neutral. Had to lok nit up in the manual.

howard | 18. august 2019

Devilstower, OP said it quickly decelerated to a stop. Took 15 minutes to get it to respond to drive. That is not an accidental push up to neutral behavior.

Magic 8 Ball | 18. august 2019

Everything negative Tesla is automatically true.
Everything positive Tesla is over zealous fanbois.

---howard and his cohorts.

kevin_rf | 19. august 2019

I have yet to figure out how to put it in neutral, that's what tow mode is for.

gmkellogg | 19. august 2019
lbowroom | 19. august 2019

Just as a sidenote, the stalk shifter isn't Tesla's invention. It's borrowed from Mercedes, it functions identically to it, as does the brake Hold function. For some reason people think this is Tesla's new invention. Shouldn't matter, but when people learn this they tend to feel differently about it. I wonder if the Mercedes forums are full of questions about how it works.

howard | 19. august 2019

lbowroom, MB did not combine the stalk shifter with other functions like cruise control and AP. Just a stupid setup up. Did not like it on our 2014 ML350 Bluetec and like it even less on the Tesla.

Joshan | 19. august 2019

howard doesn't like anything unless its on a Volt (A car even Chevy decided should die)

finman100 | 19. august 2019

The Model 3 is damn stupid easy to drive and operate. unless of're a troll.

It's other cars' controls that are obsolete and dangerous.

calvin940 | 19. august 2019

The use of the stock for those functions makes complete sense and I approve of Teslas choice.

lbowroom | 19. august 2019

It's a brilliant, intuitive implementation. Using it for a day or two, hopping into a car setup differently seems stupid.

lbowroom | 19. august 2019

Must that Mercedes just hasn't been in the car business long enough to know what's good...

Xerogas | 19. august 2019

@lbowroom: "Just as a sidenote, the stalk shifter isn't Tesla's invention. It's borrowed from Mercedes."
Excellent point. I’m going to guess Tesla invented the simple single-tap for TACC and double-tap for AP, though. Which I find immensely superior to every other car’s method of activating various forms of cruise control.

My wife’s 2019 Sonata supposedly has TACC, and perhaps even lane-keeping. Never used it, because it seems to require insane amounts of pushing and clicking and scrolling to get the thing going.

JAD | 19. august 2019

I am probably the only person, but I did have an ICE car break down on the freeway as well, so maybe it is possible to occasionally have an EV do the same thing? Or do they have to be perfect in every way?

This is a stupid thread especially since the OP has never joined in.

lbowroom | 19. august 2019

Xerogas - Yes, they added the single and double taps. Simple and brilliant!