One Tesla supercharger connector does not fit my M3

One Tesla supercharger connector does not fit my M3

Hi guys

Bought my M3 in May in Switzerland, first long drive yesterday, going to Scotland.

When stopping at our first Tesla supercharger in France, I could not remove the big double plug (sorry I don't know how it's called) from the charger so I took the smaller one (picture in link below) that looked like the one I have at home.

Funny thing is that I could not insert it into my M3, because of the pointy thing on the central pin, I don't have this on my M3. A guy coming with his model X from Belgium could insert it.

What is this connector and why I cannot use it?

I finally managed to charge my car with the big double plug, I just had to pull harder on it, I thought it was locked.

My charging experience has been great so far, these things are FAST! And the on-board Tesla route planner is quite accurate.

casun | 13. august 2019

the one in the photo looks like a type 2 plug. you were or you were not able to use the one in the photo?

Hugues1965 | 13. august 2019

The one on the picture I could not insert in my M3.

Today someone charging his M X told me this connector is a type 2 and Tesla made them different so other cars can't use them, don't know.