Solar options are fixed - no changes?

Solar options are fixed - no changes?

I started the process of ordering a solar purchase from Tesla. After running the numbers as well as seeing other offers it appears that I need to get a system around 4.25 kWh. The small option from Tesla is 3.78. I’ve asked if I can add a few more panels I’m at 12 - would like to get to 14) or use the higher wattage panels (they offered me 315 watt panels and not the 330 Panasonic panels). I was told that these are fixed systems and I can’t make any changes. Has anyone else heard of this?

jrweiss98020 | 01. september 2019

Find another installer! Systems are as varied as the dealers and the customers. I found a local installer (A&R Solar, Seattle) that had been widely recommended. He gave me several options. Settled on 9 KW of LG 335W panels and 2 Powerwalls. Works well!

gregbrew | 01. september 2019

Typically, your historical usage is what system sizing is based on. That's probably why Tesla is reluctant to try for a larger system, because the utility won't approve a system that's "too large" in their estimation. The utility doesn't want to pay you for excess, and you don't want the pittance that the utility pays for it. Excess capacity doesn't make economic sense if your system lifetime cost per kWh is more than the utility pays for it. For example, my system's cost per kWh over it's warranted lifetime is ~$.10/kWh and SCE pays about $.03/kWh. Excess capacity would *cost* me money and lengthen the payback period from the eight years I expect.

bcmusik | 03. september 2019

Just received a call from Brian at Tesla energy who took the time to both explain the reasons for how they are doing their systems but also answered any and all questions or concerns that I had. I no longer have any concerns. I'm going ahead with the install and I've added a power wall to the order. Amazing what a simple call can do to instill both confidence and enthusiasm. Brian gets a big thumbs up from me. Not to mention this was the best deal from multiple quotes - it's a win win.