Noise front inside MS 2014

Noise front inside MS 2014

What is the sound in front of the 2014 MS dashboard?
I hear after the car stops when I was sitting in the passenger compartment, then after 5-10 seconds it dies down. The noise is not loud, but annoying. | 03. september 2019

For reasons unknown the playback ran, but no sound (not muted).

Anyway, there are few likely things - the cabin fan may continue to run to help dry out the condenser. There are two small fans on the MCU1, so these may run if the MCU is hot. Another possibility is if the HVAC is running, the compressor may be spooled up to a higher speed which makes more noise and then spools down to be quieter. If you have a window open, you may notice it more. When driving, the road surface noise is usually enough to cover up the compressor noise.

My guide on normal and abnormal sounds may also help:

Slavas | 03. september 2019

Thanks for the link, but I have already visited this useful page more than once. I did not find such noise there.
It seems to me that this is not the sound of a fan, but the sound of some kind of switch. Deaf clicks with an uneven interval of approximately a frequency of 2-5 hertz.
The sound appears after several minutes of movement but is clearly audible only when stopped. When driving, road noise hides it. If the car stood for a while and then moves at low speed, then there is no noise | 03. september 2019

Downloaded the sound, but will not play. Looks like it requires some proprietary codec that I don't have.

If you turn off HVAC do you still hear the sound? If it continues without HVAC, it eliminates quite a few mechanical items related to HVAC (fan, flaps, etc.).