model 3 wheels for sale

model 3 wheels for sale

hey guys, any body looking to get new wheels model 3? I bought the car in March, upgraded my wheels to 19", so the stock rims only has few hundred miles on it. The aero hubs were removed at the service center. Send me message if interested.

vincelorto | 08. september 2019

you better be a bit more clear about what you're selling. 18's? 19's? I think you mean you're selling stock 18's Aero wheels but I can't be certain.

Lonestar10_1999 | 08. september 2019

Where are the wheels located?

Patronus | 08. september 2019

How much are you asking? Tires included? TPMS included?

atnguyen725 | 10. september 2019

Yes. Stock 18” aero wheels...located in Huntington Beach, CA. Tires included and tpms included

Dnguyen | 10. september 2019

I'm in FV and interested. How can I contact you?

atnguyen725 | 10. september 2019

Hmm..good me at

TrexTesla | 10. september 2019

I just upgraded to 19s today too, so I have a set of 18s, with aero covers, red "3" center caps, and black lug nut covers. 3k miles on them. One tire was replaced at 800 miles for a flat (nail), with the 94V load index vice 98Y as on the others. It also doesn't have the foam inside. It was a 5-day wait for the 94Vs. Haven't noticed any difference in noise or handling with the different tire. If your worried about the tire and want to change it out, let me know and we can work something out...I'm in Virginia Beach, so local pickup at this time. Looking for $1,000.