Aptera back from the dead?

Aptera back from the dead? | 10. september 2019

Unlikely, but interesting idea. 100 kWh battery for 1000 mile range in a tiny 2-seater micro-compact 3-wheeler. Technically, I think they can make one, but not sure there is a market for it. I'd be very concerned about the crashworthiness of such a light and tiny vehicle.

Ronbo | 10. september 2019

I’d like to know where they’re putting that 100 kWh battery. It doesn’t look large enough physically.

jimglas | 11. september 2019

@TT: crashworthiness isn't a major consideration for some. e.g.: motorcycles

Earl and Nagin ... | 11. september 2019

Believe it or not, back in 2006, Aptera was considered by many to be a likely contender by many to become a real EV manufacturer. Given its $2,000 reservation cost -vs- Tesla's $40,000, there were probably more who bet on Aptera than on Tesla.
We didn't, however, see it going anywhere.

Tesla-David | 12. september 2019

I remember the 2009 Aptera well., but Tesla got my attention and support. I wish them well, and maybe there is a
niche market for this vehicle. I agree safety during an accident would be a concern.

BuffaloBillsFan | 12. september 2019

I loved Aptera 11 years ago! I would definitely be interested if they actually start producing Apteras! As an addition to my (hopefully growing soon) Tesla collection!

Go Aptera!

niduj | 13. september 2019

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jimglas | 13. september 2019

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