Windows Opening Mysteriously

Windows Opening Mysteriously

We have two LR Dual-Motor Model 3s from Dec of 2018. My wife has continued issues with her front and rear passenger side windows opening 2-4 inches once she parks and leaves the cars. I have never had this happen with my car. This happens every so often, not constantly and not consistently. I noticed her rear one down about inches in the garage last night. I have tried to recalibrate the windows a number of times and know the best thing is to get in for service to check it (or have mobile service). The problem is where we live it's weeks and weeks until we can get an appointment. Has anyone else had this issue and gotten it fixed without going in for servicing?

jimglas | 13. september 2019

I suspect she is accidentally touching the window control when she exits the car. That has happened to me.

andy.connor.e | 13. september 2019

Doesnt anyone consider they made a mistake before blaming the technology?

rdm227 | 13. september 2019

How is that comment helpful "doesn't anyone consider they made a mistake before blaming the technology?"? I am not trying to blame technology, but trying to find out if anyone has had a similar problem and how they may have fixed it. It is a problem people have had and certainly have thought that she might be touching something when leaving the car, but it has happened to me in her car as well and I have never had it happen in my car and I know I don't actually touch anything. Plus it is consistently on the right side only and the windows only go down a consistent amount and never all the way.

bjrosen | 13. september 2019

There is a real bug. This happens to me all the time, also the passenger side front or rear window will go down all the way. It has nothing to do with touching the window controls, those are no where near the door latch button. The window that most frequently has a problem is the passenger side rear window which will go down when a front door is opened, in the case of the passenger front door there are no controls for the rear window so touching a window button is clearly not the source of the problem.

I had Tesla's mobile service look at it, he reviewed all of the logs, ran his tests, couldn't find any thing, and then blamed it on firmware.

Magic 8 Ball | 13. september 2019

It happened to me once, it was user error. The window buttons are easily accidentally pushed when getting out of the car.

rdm227 | 13. september 2019

bjrosen do you still have that problem then?

legna_fo_htaed | 13. september 2019

People have suggested doing this as a fix.

andy.connor.e | 13. september 2019

The very large majority of reported windows going down on their own on these forums are not a technology problem but either didnt actually happen or were user error. Its possible from the video @legna posted, that maybe the window didnt go all the way up when you used the auto up and you didnt realize it. Would consider double checking all your windows next time when you put them up to see if its really a car problem before calling service.

Jiver | 13. september 2019

It might be helpful to establish a pattern. Both your wife and yourself should diligently take 20 seconds every time you exit the vehicle to determine if the windows are down or not. Perhaps wait until the car locks itself (assuming you use that option). Note your observations. Do you ever see the windows go down on their own? When you see the error occur you will have information as to environmental factors that may have contributed to the error. This will help with troubleshooting.

lbowroom | 13. september 2019

In all of these threads, with all of these tech savvy people. I haven't yet seen someone capture this on a Ring, Arlo, or similar cam. Seems to me people accidentally lean on the buttons on the way out. Most common is closest button to the driver, not a coincidence.

kim | 13. september 2019

Since you and your wife have identical M3s, why not try swapping cars for a couple of weeks to see if the problem stays with her car or transfers to your car. If it transfers, you will know the source of the problem.

Mike UpNorth | 13. september 2019

1 year of ownership - never happened to me.
My Uncle who owns the TM3 noticed the windows going down then noticed he was accidentally touching the window down button while exiting. Once he made a conscious effort not to touch the button the windows stopped going down 'on their own'.

rdm227 | 13. september 2019

That is an idea, but there have been so many posts on this forum and other forums about people having similar issues with windows going down on their own and a variety of them (not the same ones) that it surely isn't user error. Sounds like it is something Telsa is aware of, but what I haven't seen is anyone that knows why this happens and if we can be confident of the resetting/recalibrating of the window as a fix.

lbowroom | 13. september 2019

"it surely isn't user error."

Leaning on the buttons without noticing is easy to do. One can argue that leaving the buttons active on exit isn't a good idea, but it's not evidence that something else is going on.

andy.connor.e | 13. september 2019

"it surely isn't user error."

500 people making a mistake does not mean its not user error anymore. Its a brand new car. You should have a very open mind to the fact that you may very easily make a mistake because you've been driving the same production cars forever.

calvin940 | 13. september 2019

Has never happened to me. Only time I saw a window opened when I didn't expect it was when my kid left it open. User error is a huge thing and people rarely like to admit it. They prefer to blame tech or anything else other than themselves really.

lbowroom | 13. september 2019

The auto industry, outside of Tesla, prevents this use error by killing the power to the windows as soon as the door is opened. They probably based this on user testing. It's a shame but maybe Tesla needs to follow suit.

bjrosen | 13. september 2019

Yes I still have the problem, it's less frequent but yesterday I noticed that the passenger side window was completely open.

mk4ce | 13. september 2019

This occurred to me during an enclosed, automatic car wash. Jan 2019 build - LR AWD. Rear driver's side window rolled down 2-3 inches while the water and soap sprayers were on. Soaked the back seats. I couldn't roll it up no matter what I did. Opened and closed the door while in the car wash, used all the buttons on my door and the rear door. Nothing. Definitely not user error. Was livid for obvious purposes. Mobile service re-calibrated the window and hasn't happened since. Occurred 2 months ago.

bjrosen | 13. september 2019

One more thing. The mobile tech said that the windows can lose calibration.

1FASTROD | 13. september 2019

I've read that installing replacement puddle/ghost lights on the doors causes the window to drop (2-3") when the stock ones are removed.

Could the it be possible that the puddle (under door) light is defective or has bad wiring causing it to disconnect? Your wife may not be going crazy and it's time to pay Tesla service a visit.

jimglas | 13. september 2019

you can recalibrate you windows yourself, quite easy. Google it or use YouTube.

lbowroom | 13. september 2019

I don’t see how losing calibration has anything to do with the window rolling down without someone pushing a button or opening the affected door

cascadiadesign | 13. september 2019

I had this happen once overnight with car in the garage. I did the window re-calibration routine and has not happened again.

aperfectecho | 13. september 2019

It's happened a couple of times. A few inches down. Has happened on driver side front once or twice, and on a rear window, too. Not routinely, so hopefully isolated

detayls | 13. september 2019

Try using Duct Tape on ALL the driver window buttons.

andy.connor.e | 13. september 2019

Remove the buttons

Lonestar10_1999 | 13. september 2019

It has happened to me too, maybe half a dozen times since I took delivery in March 2019 (9k miles). I now always check that all the windows are shut before I walk away from my parked car.

I consider it a design flaw or bug because I have had many cars with power windows that never exhibited the open window bug like my M3.

Since there is little else to complain about with my SR+, I am resigned to live with it and consider this an M3 idiosyncrasy.

detayls | 13. september 2019

You're probably doing it unconsciously with your elbow.

M3BlueGeorgia | 13. september 2019

When these issues are posted I tell the story of my wife complaining about coming back to the car from time to time and finding the passenger window down.

But one time, when she was driving and I'm in the passenger seat.
- She stops the car, opens her door, and gets out,
- The passenger window winds down, which I immediately notice, but she didn't (obviously)

In that case the problem was her accidentally touching the passenger's window button as she opened the door to get out.
Our problem was solved. It hasn't occurred again, as far as I know, because we've learned to be more careful and to check the window.

The person who suggested duct taping all the driver's side window controls (except for the driver's window) is suggesting a weird but valid test. If that causes the problem to go away, the driver was causing it by occasionally touching the window buttons.

HighlandPony | 14. september 2019

This happened to me a couple of times. I would depart the vehicle and come back later only to discover that one or more of the windows were partially or fully down. I flipped out and and thought that it was a very serious bug. I did some reading on this forum and set about trying to confirm the issue. I would park, exit the car, confirm that all the windows were fully closed and diligently check that they were still up when I returned. I was hoping to have full confirmation of the bug occurring. I even started taking pictures of all the windows when I exited the car. I was determined to catch this pesky bug in the act. A week went by, no bug. Finally one day I rolled up all the windows, as had been religiously doing for days on end, reached my hand up to press the button to open the door. I swung the door open with the interior handle, swung my left leg out the door and started to stand up to exit the car. Suddenly the front passenger window started to drop. Eureka, I had finally caught the bugger in the act!! I looked down and noticed that my pinkie knuckle had brushed the button. OMG, user error, how embarrassing! I had been so sure that it was a bug. Since that time I have been very cognizant of the position of my left hand on the door handle when exiting the car. I must say that even with my heightened diligence I still occasionally manage to bump one or more of the buttons on a fairly regular basis. I can feel my knuckle brush the buttons and I laugh to myself about my week long bug sleuthing adventure. I will say that the design of the buttons makes the car prone to this issue. The buttons are fully flush with the armrest and are directly below the door handle and perfectly inline with your knuckles. So in a way this could be classified as a bug, but it’s really more of a design shortcoming. Every couple of weeks this topic is posted on the forum and I have to laugh at myself again. I hope this post helps shed some light on the subject.

Lonestar10_1999 | 14. september 2019

Whether the issue is a software glitch that involuntarily opens the window or it’s an ergonomic issue where the switch placement invites inadvertent presses, the bottom line is that it’s an issue in need of resolution.

Hopefully Tesla Engineers will investigate it and resolve it. If it turns out to be a software glitch then the resolution could come in a future firmware update. If it’s an ergonomic issue, then M3 owners will just have to cope with it, but maybe Tesla will make a running change with future production.

HighlandPony | 14. september 2019

Sorry for the typos, tough to edit and proofread on the phone.

I will add that this can happen on any of the doors. My passengers routinely bump the window buttons when exiting the car. So now I always wait for everyone to exit the car then bump all the window buttons up before I close the drivers door, just to be sure.

RayNLA | 17. september 2019

This is a real issue.
For those who are experiencing it, lock your windows and make a note of the date and time the next time it happens. Then make a service appointment and include that information.

henry.groover | 18. september 2019

We had this problem - the passenger side window would occasionally spontaneously go down when we were not around. We had mobile service out, they replaced a faulty controller and that took care of it. This has happened to others as well. No problem since then (that was over 9 months ago). Mobile service is awesome!

bjrosen | 18. september 2019

I just had it happen again, rear passenger window which is the window it usually, but not always, has the problem. I unlocked the rear drivers side door, which is what I do when I want to unlock the charge port, and the rear passenger side window went down.