Curb feelers

Curb feelers

Over the years I have been very good at avoiding curb rash on my wheels; not perfect but I've done very well. Ever since getting the 3 I've become super careful and as I don't do much city (Boston is 35 miles away)driving I am always looking for drive in or no curbstone parking places. Well, today I had no choice but parallel parking. I did fine although I was probably 15 - 18 inches from the curb. Short of buying Autopark which I read can be problematic I ask the following. I assume that Autopark measures the distance to the curb using side of the car sensors, I'm thinking that as we see distance in inches front and rear and corners(?)on our screen can't we have distance to curb or barrier, etc. Surely, if this isn't possible this would be a wonderful after market item. Does this make any sense? Thoughts?

nnguyen72 | 13. september 2019

I put these on my wheels. They're one time use if you end up curbing the wheel, but you can simply replace it. I Plasti-Dipped my wheels black and got all black wheel bands so that you can't see them unless you're up close. Don't put curb feelers on, not a good look imo.

Pics on my car: