Phone app sounds over microphone

Phone app sounds over microphone

I am very new to M3 and still have been learning the car. One thing that I am having trouble with is when my child is watching Youtube Kids app on my phone. Instead audio play through ‘Phone’ via Music, it plays through Microphone, which is very annoying:( Does anyone have same issues and have a solution for it?
Thank you in advance.

EVRider | 16. september 2019

You should be able to select where the sound goes on your phone, maybe under Bluetooth settings.

MastarJYK | 17. september 2019

Yes, I already looked into the setting. Music and other apps is playing through via Music under ‘Phone’. It is just Youtube Kids that plays over Mic sounds and phone icons come out like when I am making calls:(

bddaughe | 17. september 2019

On an iPhone, you can specify where the audio plays by choosing the "Speaker" button. Once choosing that, you'll see that Tesla Model 3 is selected. Instead, you can choose your phone from there. If you're using another phone, please specify the type of phone so that people knowledgeable about that kind of phone can help.

MastarJYK | 17. september 2019

Thank you! I am using iPhone X.

lbowroom | 17. september 2019

I'm confused by what you mean that sound is playing through microphone. Sound plays through speakers, microphone is what you talk into. Do you mean the sound is coming from the car when you want it to come through the phone?

like bddaughe says, the setting is on the phone.