High overnight battery drain, connection issue?

High overnight battery drain, connection issue?

I've had my AWD for a little over a month now.

I lose 5% battery pretty much every day. It doesn't sound like a lot but I don't drive a lot either, at this rate I'll be losing almost as much in phantom drain as I drive daily.

Been looking closely at it for a fee weeks now. I don't have anything enabled, I've even tried turning some stuff off but nothing helps. Sentry and cabin overheat are all disabled.

I park underground overnight. Usually there's no cell signal there. Sometimes but rarely I have a connection and I can access the car via the Tesla app. I have noticed that on the rare occasions where the car is connected overnight, I seem to not lose much if any power..

It sounds odd but it seems to me they are related as over about two weeks of monitoring it, the three nights I didn't lose considerable battery were the same three nights the car had a connection. I tried turning off mobile access but it still drained the same 5% Battery.

Is the car staying awake trying to connect to the internet? I know this sounds odd but it's the only lead I've found.

If you park in a cellular dead spot at night, do you lose battery

Bighorn | 16. september 2019

There's a thread on the X forum about someone losing excessive kWhs per night in remote Maine without a connection. It may be like a roaming cellphone that uses up battery. Newish theory.

sanydio | 16. september 2019

I have pretty much exactly the same issue. Last week I charged the car to 85% (around 265 miles range), rode 35 miles during the next 6 days and the range went down to 160. So basically I lost over twice as many miles as I drove. In my case it's parked in my house garage, with decent cell reception and connected to wi-fi, but same as you no overheating protection and no sentry at home.

Koofteh | 16. september 2019

Thanks for the link Bighorn. I'm happy to see someone else with this issue, at least I'm probably on the right track.

sanydio if you have a good connection where you park it could be something else. Have you tried the usual solutions floating around about phantom drain? Could be something like Sentry or climate keeping your car awake.

EVRider | 16. september 2019

Some third party apps can cause your car drain more than it would otherwise if you don’t configure them properly. Are you using any?

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 17. september 2019

Tesla’s are essentially cellphones on wheels. That said, a few years ago the cell tower near my house went down for a few days. My wife’s phone lost most of its charge overnight. This was due to the phone increasing power to the radio to try and pull in a signal. I would think that the Tesla is no different.

jforbes77 | 17. september 2019

I have been getting this exact same issue, started a couple of updates. When I park undergound I use to get signal always, that changed a couple of updates ago. Now I never get LTE signal and i am losing 20 to 10 km a night before I would lose 1 to 3 km a night. Seems as if the car is not going to sleep. A couple of days ago I parked outside and i only lost 2 km.

Koofteh | 18. september 2019

I do have TeslaFi, but I only registered for it after I noticed the drain so I could sew what was going on. I don't have a connection usually anyway, no way for an app to wake the car up.

I get that this is how a cell phone acts but Tesla should address this considering how often cars get parked underground. A phone's main purpose is to be connected to the network, a cars purpose is to be drive so wasting so much battery trying to get connected makes no sense to me.

jforbes77 | 18. september 2019

Something has changed a couple of software updates ago cause I have had the car for over a year. It was never a issue for me until recently. My parking situation has been the same the whole time.

Koofteh | 18. september 2019

Thanks for confirming that. I thought I only noticed the drain after a software update but I've only had my car for over a month so I thought maybe I just didn't notice the drain initially.

But it does sound like it was made this say after a software update. Let's hope they fix it soon because Tesla just emailed me back with a basic cut/paste about how battery drain is normal and how the range estimate is just an approximation. Clearly this is related to the LTE modem and it's not normal but what can I do.

jforbes77 | 18. september 2019

yea right now i am just keeping track of how many kms l lose and the time duration. So if it continues service can at least check my car at those times to see if its not going to sleep

EVRider | 19. september 2019

@Koofteh: Make sure you check the TeslaFi sleep settings and adjust if needed. When I installed TeslaFi it wasn’t initially configured to let the car sleep.

Tyerc | 19. september 2019

EVRider makes a good suggestion, check sleep settings in Teslafi. Other thought would be schedule a Svc appointment with a Tesla Tech since it's so new and let the mobile tech check it. Svc should also look at the car remotely to see if they see anything unusual.