Chademo Adapter

Chademo Adapter

Does anyone know when there will be more inventory of the CHADEMO adapter for the Model 3? Taking a long road trip for Thanksgiving and my relatives don't live near a supercharger, but there are some convenient chademo chargers near them so was hoping to get the adapter to be able to charge there. The Website says out of stock.

Smalm | 18. september 2019

If you live near a service center you can call and see if they have in stock. Otherwise best bet is to sign up for email alert when it becomes available in stock.

vmulla | 18. september 2019


halcyon64 | 18. september 2019

when i picked up my tesla the guy didnt know what chademo was

jimglas | 18. september 2019

dont get fish started on his fetish

lbowroom | 18. september 2019

He’s been absent...

Pepperidge | 19. september 2019

It could take quite a long time since Model 3 delivery started in Japan where CHAdeMO is very popular and convenient. They can choose one of the option (included) from CHAdeMO adapter, wall charger, or mobile connector.

Pepperidge | 19. september 2019
FISHEV | 19. september 2019

"Tesla Chademo adapter for sale"

Type that into Google Search and you should find lots of them for sale.

Work great at EVgo, Blink and Electrify America Chademo 50 kW/200 mph chargers.

jimglas | 19. september 2019

probably work well as a blunt instrument for self protection
that thing is yuge

FISHEV | 19. september 2019

"it is available now."@Pepperidge

You don't really know unless you order it then you find out if they really have it. This has happened a couple times already. It shows available, you order but it is backordered.

You would likely do better on eBay or Amazon with a reliable reseller.

bjrosen | 19. september 2019

Sign up for an e-mail notification. The Wall Charger was out of stock, I kept checking back and it was never in stock, signed up for the e-mail notification, got one within a few hours, acted immediately and bought one, it was out of stock again an hour later.