Premium Connectivity for SR+ *possibly* confirmed

Premium Connectivity for SR+ *possibly* confirmed

Color me excited! I was just browsing the Twitter and saw that Elon actually retweeted a question about SR+ Premium Connectivity and Netflix/ YouTube availability and replied somewhere along the lines of "I'll talk to my product team about it"

I can't seem to find the tweet in question but if I do I'll post a link on here asap!

dilloncain | 21. september 2019

It should happen this year from what I've researched and it's stated on Tesla's FAQ page (Connectivity plans for Model 3 without Premium Interior will be announced later this year).

ebmcs03 | 21. september 2019

For free!

ebmcs03 | 21. september 2019

For free!

pjwheeler83 | 21. september 2019

Probably not free but I really hope this happens sooner than later. I'm one of those dont need the extra range but want the full potential of the hardware in the vehicle (read: streaming radio, live traffic/maps, ambient lighting and premium audio *cough* rear heated seats *cough*) I understand having a price premium between the trim packages which I would be more than happy to pay to upgrade the interior to full premium.

We all know the extras are already there... take my money and give em to me!


pjwheeler83 | 21. september 2019
Devilstower | 21. september 2019

Well, that seems a good sign, even if it is just a “probably.”

Tyerc | 21. september 2019

I’m very interested. Rear heated seats hardware is already there?

EVRider | 21. september 2019

@dilloncain: The FAQ page that you referenced hasn’t been updated since last year, so don’t put too much stock in the “later this year” comment. :-)

raqball | 21. september 2019

I'd happily pay a monthly, yearly or one time fee for it. The only thing I really want from it is live traffic displayed though..

adoh2010 | 21. september 2019

The service center told me last month that they're working on an upgrade for connectivity. With V10 it now makes a lot of sense that it's coming soon.
I asked about unlocking the speakers and they said it's impossible as SR+ has a 7 channel amp while premium has 14.1 channel total. The amp for the sub is 2.1 and powers the rear shelf speakers while the main amp has less channels in the SR+.
The heated seats might be the same issue but I haven't asked "5 electronic rheostats vs 2 in the respective modules, I doubt that though not worth it"

M3BlueGeorgia | 21. september 2019

The rear seats in the SR+ are supposed to be present but disabled by software. Which implies Tesla could offer them as an additional cost OTA upgrade.

EVRider | 22. september 2019

Rear seats via an OTA upgrade? That’s impressive! :-)

ahostmadsen | 22. september 2019

I certainly also would be happy to pay for premium connectivity.

SnowZA | 23. september 2019

@adoh2010, @M3BlueGorgia I have the SR+, and the rear heated seats worked perfectly when I got the car, and then were hidden in the first update I installed. (I wasn't expecting to have them, and was a bit surprised when they showed up on the screen, so tested them properly). So the hardware is definitely there and working. I don't personally need them to be there, but I see no reason why they couldn't be activated in a future software update.

Devilstower | 23. september 2019

Yep. With the heated seats, it’s not a matter of turning them on, as much as not explicitly turning them off.

derotam | 23. september 2019

@adoh2010, It wouldn't be the first time SC personal said something that is incorrect...As far as the current publicly available parts catalog goes, there is only one Amplifier listed and it doesn't show that it is model specific.

Ocala.Joe | 23. september 2019

I will buy in as soon as it is available, and I check every day for it.

joelnorris | 23. september 2019


Buzzkill | 24. september 2019

I will be first in line to purchase Premium Connectivity

pjwheeler83 | 24. september 2019
Buzzkill | 25. september 2019

Sure seems like that Premium Connectivity for all is coming. It's reasonably priced at $100 per year.