Windshield wiper fluid

Windshield wiper fluid

I bought a highly-regarded concentrate called krystall klar off Amazon. Confirming with you that this is okay for my model 3?

Thank you for your input!

CST | 24. september 2019

Well, it's "highly-regarded"... 'nuff said!

lbowroom | 24. september 2019

Let's think this through... I assume krstall klar is meant to clean automotive glass windshields. The Tesla is an automobile that has a glass windshield. Therefore, I can confirm that it's ok for Model 3.

Did you by chance look for EV glass cleaner?

jordanrichard | 24. september 2019

There is absolutely no difference between your Model 3 and whatever you were driving, except the proportion method and “fuel tank”. The $2 blue stuff is perfectly fine as well.

Passion2Fly | 24. september 2019

Fair question. The manual says to avoid liquids with “bug wash”. They damage the wiper blades and stain the glass... never paid too much attention to this...