Spotify family plan in Tesla

Spotify family plan in Tesla

Does the Spotify app in V 10 support multiple accounts? I'm wondering about having a family plan, and switching accounts the way one would switch playlists in the car.

ben.schaefer | 29. september 2019

In my testing, only one account is associated with the car. Would love to see it log in with the driver profile. I have a family plan, so will create a dedicated car profile. Then the wife and kids music won't pollute my curated playlists...


daniel.wollmann | 01. oktober 2019

Is there any kind of voting for updates somewhere? I agree the lack of different spotify accounts kills the experience when you have multiple drivers with different music taste. I don't want my wife's country songs mixed with my library. Also missing streaming quality control, gapless music parameters in the app.

CityLion | 11. november 2019

I have exact the same family plan issue.
Even when I am home my sound system stops working, because it is connected to the Tesla when my wife uses a Tesla.

@Ben; Did the tying to the dedicated car profile worked?

Otherwise it would indeed a great idee to feed Tesla software development with an upvoting system as @Daniel proposed.

nukequazar | 11. november 2019

This is just another of the many reasons that mobile-device based systems like CarPlay and Android Auto are superior to car-based systems. Whoever gets in and connects their phone instantly has their digital life available in the car, including music, playlists, podcasts, contact list, calendar, etc. It also safeguards the owner’s data from anyone else who may drive the car.

Keep asking for changes you want! And don’t let curmudgeonly fanboys like TeslaTap shut you down.

hrother | 20. november 2019

Ever since the update that added Spotify, I can't use the voice command to just play a song or artist, but instead get a menu of items on my screen. Anyway to just turn this feature off? I just want to listen and drive not have to work my way through podcasts, etc...dangerous and dumb!

bill.hoffman | 22. november 2019

I have the same problem... when my wife is driving the Tesla, it overrides what I'm playing at home because it thinks the accounts are connected.

Tesla, please support multiple Spotify accounts, set via the driver profile!!

fabio | 05. desember 2019

+1 - Going down the dedicated car account route, but would really like the ability to use my account (my playlists, history) when driving.

Zippy114 | 16. desember 2019


m.duizendstraal | 17. desember 2019

Second that +1

sherylbrock7 | 25. desember 2019

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