Autopark never offers...

Autopark never offers...

I have a new Model S and have yet to see the P icon appear on the instrument panel. I purposely hunt for candidate spots, either perpendicular or parallel. Nothing. I have read the manual several times and can't figure out what is wrong. Ideas?

Billp19 | 02. oktober 2019

In my experience you have to go really slow approaching the spot and drive beyond where you usually would stop. Then press on the brake.

Shesmyne2 | 02. oktober 2019

Not just you.
I rarely see it and when I have tried it I’m not real comfortable with how it works.

Still Grinning ;-)

barrykmd | 02. oktober 2019

I see it, but it's when I'm in the middle lane of 3 lanes of traffic with no parking anywhere nearby.

bp | 03. oktober 2019

It usually wants to park on the sidewalk in front of our house - and not in real parking spaces...

Maybe what Tesla should add a button on the display to ask the software to scan the surroundings, identify potential parking spaces, and let the driver decide which one to use.

murphyS90D | 03. oktober 2019

My car once offered to park between two trees when I drove it behind my house. Like @barrykmd I quite often see it when I am in the middle lane or when there is a right turn lane on my right.

Charsiubao | 03. oktober 2019

I have tried autopark a few times with success, however I would not actively use or rely on it. I believe the main parking space scanner is the rear camera, so, most times you need to drive pass the parking spot you actually see, slow down and then then autopark indicator would come up, then you would be able to start the autopark, I would say it works a lot better for perpendicular than parallel which often it would hit the curb...I would not do parallel with any parking spot against a wall or such. The autopark indicator does show up randomly when I am in a traffic line along a curb, where there is no parking such as when I drop off my kids at school.

Anthony J. Parisio | 03. oktober 2019

I have seen the car offer to park for me after I shift into reverse. In other words, as I'm am beginning to park it come up on the screen and allows me to press the start button to allow it to finish.

sentabo | 03. oktober 2019

Like others, the autopark shows up at random spots, but I have had success in parallel parking spots dozens of times. Admittedly it is a bit nerve-wracking, because I worry that if there IS a false move I may not have time to stop.

OP, you might have more luck if you move a tad closer to the car you plan on parking behind.

Dr. Wattson | 03. oktober 2019

My fellow Wattson: I believe that the correct answer is that it can take a week or even two for the sensors to “calibrate.” Just be patient and keep trying.

kerryglittle | 04. oktober 2019

I've seen the P in the middle of congested traffic . Often wondered where the heck it would go since there are no parking spots at all.

Alessandro Wattson | 04. oktober 2019

Well, here's to hoping that the good doctor is right! I will give it a few days more before I give up on it. Thanks to all for the input!

evaandmarty | 04. oktober 2019

My 85D AP1 model S was slow to « P » but once it presented the P it parks very reliably, never hit anything but is scary every time. I frequently use a parking spot no one ever uses and consequently is always available it’s a scary spot with a telephone pole in the road next to the sidewalk, parks perfectly every time

nukequazar | 04. oktober 2019

It needs to see two cars with a space between. It will never back into a space in an empty parking lot. And, I’m my experience, it does much better parallel parking than perpendicular. I’ve had it auto park parallel on a busy street perfectly, but almost every time I have it perpendicular park, it goes in crooked, not centered, and I have to fix it.

Rawlins Street | 06. oktober 2019

My Model S is over two years old - and the magic P has appeared only once for a parallel spot - parked perfectly. Like several others I get the P quite often when I'm in the middle lane of a three lane road and stopped at a traffic light and am completely surrounded by cars - no empty space in front, back, or on either side of my car. I've wanted to let it try to park to see what happens. But I don't have enough insurance - or enough guts.

ALSET | 06. oktober 2019

For me Auto-park always seems to work. Like what others have said, the P may appear when you're not expecting it. What I mean is for parallel park I've noticed I have to drop up further than I normally would if I were to do a parallel park. Usually I'll line up my side mirror with the other cars...for the P to appear I may have to drive forward to where my passenger window is lined up with the other car's side mirror. Also make sure you're driving slowly, I think for perpendicular the manual says < 8mph or something. Parallel was a different speed.

Of note has anyone been offered the P for their garage? I opened my garage door yesterday and the P appeared, it's the first time my car offered to self park into my garage. I was too chicken to try it but was this a V10 feature?

Alessandro Wattson | 21. oktober 2019

Good news! And thanks again for the replies. After another week or so of driving the feature is showing up regularly. It must have been a calibration period. I have used it to parallel park and to back into perpendicular spaces. Works fine so far.

PBEndo | 21. oktober 2019

I am offered the P for my garage fairly often in my AP1 Model S, long before V10. The garage door has to be at least 50% open as I drive past it slowly. I have only tried to let it park a handful of times because it takes too long. The car backs in most of the way but off-center, it then pulls out, tries again and still doesn't get it right and usually on the third attempt it is reasonably close. Both of my kids, shortly after getting their permits, got it right in only 2 attempts on their first try.

markbraukman | 22. oktober 2019

4 years ago when I first got my P90D MS, I could never get the P to show up, no matter how slow or how far I drove around what I though were great spots. I talked with a service rep (back then that really happened) who said that in addition to time for calibration, the system needed to see a curb of a certain height (don't remember what height he said). That may have been BS, but after about a month of trying, it finally started to work, both parallel and perpendicular.