Tesla, please allow us to choose alternate "Smart Summon" Path

Tesla, please allow us to choose alternate "Smart Summon" Path

I sent this to customer service as well, but will post here as I know Tesla reads the forums too.

I wish Smart Summon would allow you to alter the "blue line" path. Not only would it be more practical, would also allow Tesla's system to learn which way the car SHOULD GO.

I'm shocked at the path it chooses most of the time. Most of the time, making zero sense. Like Google Maps where you can alter the path you take when requesting directions, would be amazing if Tesla allowed the same thing.

Aside from the above, would also allow us to:

Prevent it from going the wrong way on one way aisles.
Prevent it from crossing through parking spaces instead of sticking within the aisle
Allow for the shortest distance to its destination
Allow us to choose the safest route for a driver-less car.
To Tesla's benefit, the software could learn MUCH faster as to which way should be chosen. No clue how it comes up with its path choice right now?

I think this would also assist greatly in not being a nuisance to other drivers, but getting in the way and stopping unexpectedly in the middle of the aisle, blocking traffic flow.

Clearly the system has not yet been programmed to handle these on their own. What better way for it to learn than for us to be able to point it in the right direction? As of right now, other than maybe in the rain or for a handicapped driver, it has little true practical use. It really shouldn't be used in a busy parking lot. With this ability to choose its path, it might actually have a lot more practicality.

If you agree, support it and Tesla will at least recognize the post and possibly make changes. Would be a simple, tap and drag the blue line to the correct place.

Fingers crossed.

Hal Fisher | 06. oktober 2019

Better yet, could they possibly have autopilot drive with as much skill as a 12 year old instead of an 8 year old?

cquail | 06. oktober 2019

Used smart summon in church parking lot. Did not follow directional arrows.

Used it at a Texas Roadhouse parking lot. Did a pretty good job, but stopped in the driving lane instead of coming to a parking space near me.

Used it at an assisted living parking lot. Did better on second try. Learning? Would not come under the covered portico near the front door, but could use standard summon to finish the drive.

shank15217 | 06. oktober 2019

@Hal uhuh, one day you can afford a Tesla.

EVRider | 06. oktober 2019

“Would be a simple, tap and drag the blue line to the correct place.”

Everything is simple if you’ve never written software professionally.

82bert | 06. oktober 2019

@Hal. AP is working phenomenally.

howard | 06. oktober 2019

82bert | October 6, 2019
@Hal. AP is working phenomenally.

You have very low expectations. Maybe on the 12 year old level. I try it each release including 11.1 and promptly turn it off.

Hal Fisher | 06. oktober 2019

You’re not very bright shank but you fit right in with the jerky boy crowd that is the majority of the board.

82bert | 06. oktober 2019

@howard. I have very reasonable expectations. I realize that it will never be as amazing as your discontinued Volt, but maybe, just maybe it some day will.

Meanwhile, a man that hates and lambasts his Tesla, while continually praising other vehicles on a Tesla forum, still won’t just get rid of the damn car. You’re a beautiful example of insanity. I’m convinced you’re here for all the wrong reasons.

82bert | 06. oktober 2019

You also now troll the forums for positive Tesla comments and find ways to chime in negatives. My comment had nothing to do with you, nor was it a negative comment about the naysayers. Simply providing a counterpoint that AP is better than ever, and continually improves. You, sir, are trolling to troll.

Mike83 | 06. oktober 2019

FUD methods include: exaggerating one fire at thousand times even though ICE fires are at least 8 times more with much worse consequences, EAP will never work, range anxiety which is so bogus it needs no more discussion, Production not achievable and if it is they didn't reach some short scam investors BS exaggerated prediction, so many service issues when in fact there is minimal service required(last 2.5 years our 2 Teslas needed no service expect for tires) and so Stealerships are upset, cash burn which really is a growth company expanding worldwide, battery degradation which is totally BS if one looks at the data, and they will come up with more lies so they don't lose their ass shorting the stock.

drrock75k | 06. oktober 2019

2015P90D: Good idea.

jjgunn | 06. oktober 2019

AP is definitely better since V10 & 32.11.1

You fools that aren't even trying it or working with it are zero help to improve the product.

AP now avoids trucks & larger vehicles by moving to the opposite side of the lane. It's becoming more impressive with each update.

Thanks to those who have helped improve the product by actually using it.

teslamazing | 06. oktober 2019

14 months and have thousands of miles on AP. It simply is amazing.

freitasm | 06. oktober 2019

AP lane centering moving to the opposite side of the lane for trucks is something I thought they would eventually get to. Nice to see it in V10 but in tons of traffic it leads to some uncertainty as to what the car is doing. You need to look at the traffic representation on the monitor to see the spacing and why. Hopefully they will allow it to be set milder or turned off when congested.