Electric vehicle friendly condos in San Francisco

Electric vehicle friendly condos in San Francisco

I read some posts around what people went through to install a charger in their condo parking spots, but does anyone have experience with condos that were EV ready already?

hvopov335903 | 14. oktober 2019

Besides San Frascisco, EU is also make strict regulations to the cae emission. It is said all cars sold in Europe need to be electric ones by 2025. Maybe I couuld only buy a EV for my next car, who knows?

mona.alee101 | 16. oktober 2019

There are a few spots in random places where you can park your car. Our team at park their cars in condos in Dubai. Tesla should work on condos park Tesla cars their. People face problems in parking their cars. They don't feel secure about their cars parking. Tesla can disrupt the old industries of the vehicle.

adwebstudiosocial | 17. oktober 2019

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