Texas Solar Proposal: Good, Bad or Ugly?

Texas Solar Proposal: Good, Bad or Ugly?

Received the following proposal for 7,0000 K/Watt system. Opinions? Good? Bad? Ugly??

8 LG 350 Neon 2
8 Enphase IQ 7 Plus
59 ft. XR - 10 Black (Splices and Clamps)
10 SnapNRack Flashing w/Black Iron Ridge L Foot
1 Bodhi Communications Apps
1 NEC Compliant Electrical Equipment
1 Envoy w/Consumption
Miscellaneous Materials

Materials Total $5,696.39
Installation Labor
Labor Total $2,385.00
Additional Items
Permitting $350.00
Design and Commissioning $350.00
Lighthouse 25 Year Warranty $0.00
Tesla Powerwall II x 2 + Installation $20,495.50
Lighthouse Summer Promotion -$610.00
Additional Items Total $20,585.50
Sub Total $28,666.89
Sales Tax $469.95
Out of Pocket Cost $29,136.84
30% Federal Tax Credit -$8,741.05
Final Cost to You ($7.28 / Watt) $20,395.79

Tesla-David | 09. oktober 2019

Does your cost breakdown of $29,136.84 and after incentives cost of $20,395.79 include your 7 kWh solar + 2 PW'2? If so run with this estimate and do not look back as it is an incredible deal IMHO. I have 13.2 kWh solar system installed in 2012 ($83k) and two PW2's installed in June 2018 ($15.5k), so your absolutely getting a great deal as outlined. We have been exceptionally pleased with our solar + PW2's and have no regrets. BTW our much more costly solar system will be fully paid off this year with the incentives in place in WA State, which will sunset next year. Here, I am paid $0.54 for every kWh I produce and we pay only $0.10/kWh here for electricity, and our utility provider cuts us a check for $5k/year since 2013.

jrweiss98020 | 09. oktober 2019

My up-front cost for 9 KW PV + 2xPW2 was $55K a couple months ago (Seattle area). Your $29K estimate is VERY good, especially with the IQ7 microinverters. My only comment would be to increase the PV output (more panels) if you have the room.

nwfan | 10. oktober 2019

I'm in TX. Have a 17kW system using Enphase IQ6+ microinverters.
The price is reasonable for system your considering.
My suggestion is add panels if possible and get installation done prior
to Dec 31, 2019. The Fed 30 % tax credit decreases in 2020 for residential

I increased the number of panels to 45 after purchasing my 2nd Tesla vehicle.
Depending on miles you drive, the Tesla cars do consume kW's.

goliadranger | 10. oktober 2019

Thanks everyone. I;m gonna call the proposer Monday and get er done!