High pitch squeal

High pitch squeal

We just took delivery on a new Model S, dual motor version. I'm told this is a newly designed motor and drivetrain. We are hearing a very high pitched, but intermittent squeal from what seems to be the front motor. Service says 'it's within specs', but they have scheduled an appointment to ensure nothing is loose, touching, etc. in the front motor compartment. Is anyone else experiencing this irritating and headache causing squeal? If so, what is/did Tesla do to resolve it? What have you done to try and resolve it, if anything.

EVRider | 11. oktober 2019

I think all dual motor S’s have a whine from the front motor, but I wouldn’t call it a squeal. Maybe you’re more sensitive to the sound. Did you test drive or ride in another dual motor S that did not squeal?

davidwmurphy55 | 11. oktober 2019

All of the model S we test drove are of the older motor and drivetrain. The service tech told me they test drove another model S with the same motor and drivetrain as ours, but, with an older software version. He stated that unit had a louder whine than ours. He's hopeful future software updates will address it. He also stated there aren't that many of these new motors and drivetrains on the road yet, thus, not a lot of customer feedback. I'm hoping more will report this as well. As for being sensitive to the noise, I've ridden Harley's for 20+ years and I can tell you my hearing isn't what it use to wife will testify to that! | 11. oktober 2019

Very much doubt new software will change the sound if it is the motor. I've always noticed the AWD front motor whine at low speeds, and while not objectionable to me, I went with the RWD partly because of it (before RWD was discontinued). The disadvantage of RWD is less range - so there are tradeoffs. You might reduce the noise slightly with thicker after-market carpets.

nipper2 | 11. oktober 2019

I have a 2019 S90D and just bought a second S 2019 Performance and the squeal in the new one is much more noticeable. It is what it is I love both cars

Bighorn | 11. oktober 2019

The Raven has a different motor that is more audible. Hand me up from the 3.