Tesla Cherry Hill SC Fantastic Place/People

Tesla Cherry Hill SC Fantastic Place/People

First Elliot Shindel and Devon at Cherry Hill are fantastic people to work with. This is my third Tesla. I just can't say enough good thinks about the entire SC. When I picked up this last car I told them when I go there it is like Family. There is no other car like a Tesla. I also have Tesla Solar Panels and 4 Power Walls. But again Cherry Hill Tesla is a fantastic place to go to I also told Woody the SC Mgr.

NKYTA | 13. oktober 2019


Tesla2018 | 13. oktober 2019

Nipper- Is that a variation of your last name? Have a classmate from grammer school that lives around there.

nipper2 | 14. oktober 2019

Tesla2018 No it is not. I actually live in the Toms River, NJ area

Tesla2018 | 14. oktober 2019

Ok. His last name was Knipper and he worked in Princeton but lived in PA. I used to live in Normandy Beach but grew up in Union County. Sad to see that some places still havent been rebuilt after the hurricane but they did a beach replenishment that wasnt there 2 years ago.