What is this warning?

What is this warning?

An odd warning (it's yellow with exclamation points so I guess it's a warning) comes on but no explanation. The speed limit is 55 mph as you can see in the pic. Car is going 56 mph. No reason for any kind of speed related "warning".

Hp.1193 | 14. oktober 2019

Woahhhh there badass. That’s really dangerous for you to take a pic while driving. At least have it on AP. Sheesh.

But here you go.

skegar | 14. oktober 2019

My Model 3 shows that warning of I have the Autopilot speed limit set to: Display / Absolute / 50 mph, then exceed 50 mph.

Hp.1193 | 14. oktober 2019

Your slightly swerving there as well. I see a vehicle in your blind spot. That’s really dangerous.

lbowroom | 14. oktober 2019

What answer did you get the last time you posted this? Anything different than this time?

donharvey2323 | 14. oktober 2019

Interesting choice of music.

FISHEV | 14. oktober 2019

"I would guess you have the speed limit warning set on absolute with it set to 50mph."

Interesting as I had all those turned off. The 2019.32.x.x updates must have reset some of the wude.

It is completely worthless if that is what it is as it only goes on now and then and at lower relative speeds (60 mph in 55 mph zones). Don't see it at all at 80 mph in 55 mph.

FISHEV | 14. oktober 2019

" I see a vehicle in your blind spot."@Hp.1193

But not the guy in back of me. Interesting. The TWO blind spotters are almost next to me. As you know the visualization only shows cars AFTER they are in the your blind spot.

Hp.1193 | 14. oktober 2019


More important than anything, dont take pics while driving. That’s really dangerous.

Hp.1193 | 14. oktober 2019

All you had to do was a simple google search to get an answer :)

Don’t put others in danger. Thanks.

spuzzz123 | 15. oktober 2019

Lol Fish got schooled. See what I did there?

derotam | 15. oktober 2019

@FISHEV "As you know the visualization only shows cars AFTER they are in the your blind spot."

Clarification...the DEFAULT visualization does that... if you swipe up on the visualization it will show vehicles more accurately...unfortunately this will only be temporary till it goes back to the default visualization.

Hp.1193 | 15. oktober 2019

Per fishy, eyes should always be on the road and touching the screen or doing anything but having eyes on the road iS cOnSidErEd rEaLLy dAnGeRoUs.

However the clown is seen taking pics ( not even on AP!) when he could’ve have done a simple google search, like I did, to find an answer. What a fool

FISHEV | 15. oktober 2019

Oh well...that wasn’t it. The “Speed Restriction” was not reset by the update and was grayed out and off. So whatever the warning is, that wasn’t it.

Car (at Tesla right now as update hung) is going back to Tesla to have several malfunction warnings looked it. I’ll show them the pix of the unexplained warning and report back. Likely others get it also.

spuzzz123 | 15. oktober 2019

Desperate FishLies, Tuesday’s on ABC, 9pm ET

FISHEV | 16. oktober 2019

Techs didn't know but car has to go back for service 29th so they are going to look it up.

sunsinstudios | 16. oktober 2019

What a bunch of rude people. Especially hp.1193. Fishev is asking a question, I learned something because of him. I learned nothing from all you rude people.

Do your thing Fishev.

FISHEV | 16. oktober 2019


Tesla finally stepped in and curtailed the rude boys ability to disrupt the forums. More positive changes are planned by Tesla going forward to eliminate their disruptions completely.

Hp.1193 | 16. oktober 2019

Lolol @sunsinstudios you must be very new. Welcome to the forum :)

Hp.1193 | 16. oktober 2019

There some context to my replies that your unaware of from previous threads involving FISHEV.

Please check yourself before you wreck yourself :)

Mike UpNorth_ | 16. oktober 2019


What new forum updates are you talking about? Where are you getting this info?

leo33 | 16. oktober 2019

Yeah, there is a history of intentional obfuscation and disinformation from fish. Most forum regulars don't trust a thing he posts.

Hp.1193 | 16. oktober 2019

I’ll believe it when I see it, in the meantime all TALK.

Hp.1193 | 16. oktober 2019

It’s cute fishy has a fan. Little do they know..

lbowroom | 16. oktober 2019

By the context of your posts fish, your car Is chock full of computer errors, virtually undriveable, yet you seem to manage to drive it enough to recharge at superchargers a couple times a day.

jamilworm | 16. oktober 2019

@lbowroom, plus the Nav shown in that picture is for a location near Seattle, while fish supposedly lives near the Fremont factory. So he even takes his glitchy lemon Model 3 on road trips! I'm surprised he didn't get into more accidents on the way with how many problems it has.

rehutton777 | 16. oktober 2019

@jamilworm: Not to be too critical, but the map displayed in FishEV post is near Portland, Oregon, not Seattle, WA. Portland is significantly easier to get to from the Bay Area than is Seattle. But, what's wrong with taking a little trip from the Bay Area to Portland? Sounds like a fun trip.

FISHEV | 16. oktober 2019

"Not to be too critical, but the map displayed in FishEV post is near Portland, Oregon,"rehutton777

You are killing my buzz man!! They were going to for the moon if you hadn't thrown out the anchor of...ahem..reading a map. They knew this as the rude boys lost one of the most epic internet throw downs in history in PDX. Who knows where they dreamed up the "lives near Fremont", I think they start to believe their own conspiracy theories with some kind of funny pretzel logic results. Little about Tesla cars from them though.

The odd warning is still showing up.