Model 3 vs Loaner S

Model 3 vs Loaner S

This post isn't to hate on Model S, just wanted to share my feelings after finally driving one.

My red SR+ Model 3 is in the shop for a repaint and I'm driving an enterprise loaner, Model S 75D in blue. The car was filthy so ran it through the wash and noticed it was still on v9. Updated it to v10 last night. Unfortunately it doesn't have autopilot. Anyways, being dual motor, the S is definitely faster than my RWD Model 3, but was just barely faster (few car lengths) than my friends Model 3 LR dual motor. I have to say I much prefer the Model 3 though. In my opinion it looks and feels much sportier than the S and the interior is much cleaner/simpler. I also noticed the Model 3 charges faster than the S and seems to be more efficient as well. On the same plug I'm getting 33mph in Model 3 and 22mph in Model S. I also feel like the rear visibility is much worse in the S and I'm not a fan of the dash at all. Feels too bulky and too much like a normal car. One thing is for sure though, if you need to have adults in the backseat and room for luggage regularly, Model S is way more roomy. Model 3 is fine for kids in the back, but I think taller adults over 6' would be uncomfortable during longer drives.

To wrap this up, I was hoping I wouldn't fall in love with something I can't afford and I'm very happy to say I wouldn't trade my Model 3 for an S. My wife on the other hand loves the S so now I get to feel bad for not being able to buy her one haha oh well!!

vmulla | 15. oktober 2019

The S is an amazing car, and it's my first love as far as exterior looks go.
The 3 is just the best bang for the buck car - bar none!

bpatter123 | 15. oktober 2019

I'm in exactly the same spot, although my Enterprise 75D is black. After two weeks am jonesing for my 3. While the S is a bit quieter on rough road, the wind noise is significant. The S is not as nimble or as quick. The air vents are 4 old style holes in the dash which is not as good as the wide duct on the 3. While bigger, the S does not have better ingress/ egress. If they were the same price, I'd get the 3- for $15-20k more, no way.

wiscy67 | 15. oktober 2019

I've had the Model S loaner twice and couldn't wait to get back behind the much smaller wheel of my Model 3.

vmulla | 15. oktober 2019

About that older style dash, and airvents and the S. Just remember, S started it all - respect that please :)

lbowroom | 15. oktober 2019

except the S has less passenger room in the rear than the 3...