Range increase on SR+ on

Range increase on SR+ on

I just read about a price increase for the M3 ( so I thought I would check the Tesla Canada site and the SR+ is now rated at 402KM, when I believe when I bought mine it was 398KM. I took ownership of mine on Sept 28th. I also noticed the delivery is now "Est. Delivery: Within 6-10 weeks."

The Black colour option is now $1,300 CDN when it was $1,000 CDN a few days ago, also Red is now $2,600 CDN when it was $2,300 CDN.

Any other countries seeing range and price increases?

hokiegir1 | 17. oktober 2019
paulsurette71 | 17. oktober 2019

Performance model now has black/grey rims instead of the silver ones.