1 Year!!

1 Year!!

I took delivery of my metallic silver, LR AWD with EAP and FSD one year ago today. It’s by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. I am still as excited about it today as I was a year ago! That’s it, just thought I’d share.

teslamazing | 19. oktober 2019

14 months here and I still frequently look back in admiration when I’m walking away.

pete | 19. oktober 2019

That feeling never goes away. I got my first Tesla July 21 2016. I’m still amazed every single time I drive it.

gballant4570 | 19. oktober 2019

I'm just a few days over a year myself. I took delivery on Oct 9 2018. Today, after 19k+ miles and however many software updates, it just gets better. I am REALLY looking forward to the Tesla Pick Up Truck reveal next month.....and the opportunity to reserve one.

amirhnaimi | 19. oktober 2019

I had mine for 3 weeks, can’t stop loving the way she drives and looks! The white interior talk for itself. I hope these feelings dont fade away anytime soon :-\

Joshan | 19. oktober 2019

they don't at 10 months!

walnotr | 19. oktober 2019

Still sporting Mt Tesla grin!

PteRoy | 19. oktober 2019

Unlike my first marriage, it’ll be smooth sailing for another year!

calvin940 | 19. oktober 2019

I took delivery of my Midnight Silver, LR AWD with EAP and FSD one year ago as of Oct 1, 2018.

Luvin' every minute of it!

skymaster | 19. oktober 2019

I just endured 50 months between selling my 2013 Model S and buying a Model 3 last week. Us eary adopters back in 2013 REALLY paid the price....90k for a stripped Model S ..damn. I sold it before the software was released on AP1. It made me incredibly gun shy to buy another Tesla.

I don't think that I'm ever gonna endure 50 months without a Tesla EVER again!!!

Life is so much better with a Tesla.

beejlee | 20. oktober 2019

13.1 months, used 2320 kWh, $0 maintenance , 10,003 miles, countless sMILES ;)

vmulla | 20. oktober 2019

My cousin's car is byjli :)
Byjli is coming up on her 1yr anniversary - absolutely no problems with her.

beejlee | 20. oktober 2019

How electrifying is that!

jwins | 20. oktober 2019

Congrats on your anniversary! I'm at 13 months, 22k miles, and even the short drive to the grocery store makes me happy. I've taken three long trips so far (not @Bighorn "long", but 2k+ each) and am itchy to take another one.

steveishere | 20. oktober 2019

KOS-MOS is 1 year 3 weeks old... I guess my 18k miles per year was nothing compare to many folks here...

Gofins13 | 20. oktober 2019

One year is coming up next week. No issues, $60.00 for tire rotation. RWD MSM EAP FSD. Love driving it every time I get in it. Will never buy another ice car.

eztider | 20. oktober 2019

One year and one week and 18.5K miles later. This is already the best car money can buy and they keep making it better with the updates. I'm constantly looking for an excuse to go out and drive this car; it's just that much fun.

skymaster | 21. oktober 2019

Yucky Monday morning!! Did paperwork in my office and thought "damn, I gotta leave home and go to work".......almost instantly I remembered.."I get to go drive Midnight "

Every time I get behind the wheel in my Tesla, the shit-eating grin comes back!

skymaster | 21. oktober 2019

Yucky Monday morning!! Did paperwork in my office and thought "damn, I gotta leave home and go to work".......almost instantly I remembered.."I get to go drive Midnight "

Every time I get behind the wheel in my Tesla, the shit-eating grin comes back!

Kathy Applebaum | 21. oktober 2019

18 months, 33K miles, and I still LOVE this car.

jimglas | 21. oktober 2019

I look forward to driving every day

nwfan | 22. oktober 2019

@OP, congrats. My M3 brings a smile to my face every time I drive.
Just thinking about all the choices while supercharging Saturday morning.
Settled on a Netflix episode. Next time an old album on Spotify.

Been driving my Model 3 since Mar 2018. Can't believe it's a better car
today then the day I drove it out of Tesla Dallas.

nk.forever.509201 | 25. oktober 2019

Mine will be 4 months in 4 days. Absolutely love the car!

Effopec | 25. oktober 2019

Mine was one year yesterday. I can't even count how many times it's been to the service center. I mean literally, I can't count to 0. 12,000 miles in the best car I've ever owned.

cmh95628 | 28. oktober 2019

When I got this car and started the honeymoon, I was very concerned that the joy would not last. 13 months later and still having a blast! Best car ever.

jebinc | 28. oktober 2019

Congrats! Only 4+ months of LR AWD w/FSD/HW3 for me... So far, still grinning!

Joshan | 28. oktober 2019

Getting close! I am 2 months out from 1 year. So far no service tickets, no major issues. (hope I didn't just curse myself)

jd4714 | 28. oktober 2019

It would be interesting to know the number of improvements our cars have gotten over the past year, for free! Let’s see, to name a few in random order...
Sentry Mode
Dog Mode
Dash cam
Adding additional cameras to dash cam
Enhanced Summon
Navigate on Autopilot
Web browser
Netflix, Hulu, YouTube
Games and more games

I’m sure there’s more, PFC!

leo33 | 28. oktober 2019

@jd add to that the continuing improvements to what is now called TACC and Autosteer.

PhillyGal | 28. oktober 2019

Coming up on 5 years, 80k miles on the Model S and my crystal ball tells me you'll feel every bit as excited as you do today 4 years from now.


95dawg | 28. oktober 2019

Improved braking
Joe Mode
UI tweaks

vmulla | 28. oktober 2019

Please don't forget improved braking.

Wow!! That really blew the socks off everyone about what can be achieved with an OTA

nwfan | 29. oktober 2019

For us early owners. WIFI was added via OTA.
Gees getting old. FM radio added. No AM.

Tweaked the display. Changed icon locations
based on owner input. Also moved Nav drive
by drive instructions to left side of screen

Moved from V8, V9 to V10.
Better range.
Precondition battery for optimum supercharging.
Can't wait until I'm charging my 3 at V3 SC

billtphotoman | 29. oktober 2019

Congratulations. I just crossed 13 months and I am still in love.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 29. oktober 2019

Excellent. And so, it continues... ;-)

jd4714 | 30. oktober 2019

Thought of one more added feature,

Auto folding mirrors when you arrive home.

ncancilla81 | 30. oktober 2019

20 months and 34k on my first Model 3
Windshield and quarter window replaced (bloody thieves!)
New set of tires @ 32k.
Awesome vehicle! It’s even made me over 25k on Turo.

SolArray | 30. oktober 2019

15 months and 13k miles. One Sweet Ride (& joy to drive).

The biggest factor for me... "we're both improving!"
It's exciting to own anything that keeps getting better, and I have to admit...
as time goes by I'm learning more about how to handle the car as a driver,
how to use the features/screens/media, when to use automated features, when to be in control.

-Nik- | 30. oktober 2019

13 months and 54000 miles here. Great car, two sets of tires so far, and a windshield.... Oh and I added window washer fluid too (thats all I'm allowed to do)
I agree, it keeps getting better and better.


lbowroom | 30. oktober 2019

I'm 30 days past my 1 year. Still have free premium connectivity...

cmh95628 | 30. oktober 2019

I'm 30 days past my 1 year. Still have free premium connectivity...
Me too!

-Nik- | 30. oktober 2019

When did you place the order? I believe premium connectivity goes by order date.


rsingh05 | 30. oktober 2019

Finishing a year this week myself. 16K miles, including a 4K mile road trip. And countless thrills.

dbrum98 | 31. oktober 2019

Thanks for sharing! My 1 year anniversary was yesterday, with the exact same configuration! This car is just so fun to drive! I am still smiling on every drive.