Conundrum with Kecard(s)

Conundrum with Kecard(s)

Got 2 keycards with the car
1 stopped working and before I could get to the service centre I have mislaid the other one
So using the mobile phone as a key
Went to the service centre and bought 2 keys
Trouble is I cannot register the new keys unless I have a working keycard
I cannot use the mobile phone to register the keys
So is it a trip to the serice centre?

gballant4570 | 23. oktober 2019

Likely so. Not that I know, I've never had the experience.

lilbean | 23. oktober 2019

You can activate the cards directly from the car. I was able to activate a card without a working keycard.

virgored | 23. oktober 2019

What were the steps, I could not figure out how to do it

CST | 23. oktober 2019

Hmmm... when we had to replace a card, mobile service came out and programmed it for us.

lilbean | 23. oktober 2019

Go to the screen and select locks. Then you can add a card by following the prompts.

bradbomb | 23. oktober 2019

@lilbean I thought the prompts include using one of the existing cards. I remember when I added a card, I needed to have an existing card as part of the process. It didn't matter that I had my phone with me that is my normal key.

lilbean | 23. oktober 2019

@bradbomb Hmmm. Now that I think I about it, that sounds familiar. I just remember when the delivery specialist did it with us but maybe she had her own card? That may explain the other card on the list that I didn’t recognize. I deleted that one.I rarely use the card. I use the fob ifI have to.

lilbean | 23. oktober 2019

That actually makes sense to protect from anyone just making their own key.

virgored | 24. oktober 2019

OK so its looks like a trip to a service center

SalisburySam | 24. oktober 2019

@virgored, you mentioned you went to the service center to buy 2 keycards. Were they not able to configure them for you there?

WEST TEX EV | 24. oktober 2019

This seems like something that *MIGHT* be able to “remote activate”. Call service.

virgored | 24. oktober 2019

Did not think I needed the service centre to configure the cards
Going back to-morrow
Will report back on how I get on
Dartford , Kent , UK