Blast from the Past

Blast from the Past

So hubs (sparked by some post) went into the rabbit hole of the forums.
We got to reminiscing and laughter ensued as well as history searches, stories, and, well, rabbit hole...
Thought we’d share the old time contributors we miss...
Feel free to share the memories of the old days when things were simpler and we were all happy.

Volker Berlin
BrianH...local Webster
Code Orange
John Glenney

Happy Days
Still Grinning ;-)

RedShift | 28. oktober 2019

Yeah, I remember them all. I’m still here, after all these years, and still feel the thrill when driving my nearly 7 year old S. The 3 is my preferred ride, but the S doesn’t have a rattle, nor any signs of aging! Still drives powerful, quiet, clean as ever.

NKYTA | 28. oktober 2019

Twice meetups with RedShift, not to be confused with BlueShift (

When’s the next race to the SC? ;-)

David15 | 28. oktober 2019

Right on you guys! You just brought a big smile to my face. I never posted much through the years but I sure enjoyed the stories from all of you and the ones mentioned above. And I've followed almost all of the action through the years. I remember sharing the play by play of the JGlenny cross country trip with a friend at work. He was almost as excited about it as I was. Then there was the Tesla team cross country trip that I was equally excited about. When I showed my friend the video of that, I remember him saying "I bet you're wishing you could have been one of the guys on that team". Indeed, I was ..... and that frind now has his own Tesla M3

I still have 2010 fusion red Roadster #505 with about 47,000 miles and my wife a pearl white, 7 and a half year old P85 Model S with just over 100,000 miles which still drives like it did when new. Waiting on that blue Tesla pickup to complete the made in America red, white, and blue set.

Thanks again you guys for "sparking" the good memories. Hope to see you all at the superchargers one day! Keep on grinnin'!

SamO | 28. oktober 2019

Meeting JohnGlenney when he arrived in Hawthorne was awesome. Making the trip east and back two weeks later was crazy.

Love the old timers and the remaining hardcore Tesla fanchildren. Newbies welcome and make your own legends and adventures.


andy.connor.e | 29. oktober 2019

Some of my favorite old timer contributors:

Carl Thompson

I know there are many more but they clearly did not leave a neuron trail.

jimglas | 29. oktober 2019

somebody mentioned that mos showed up briefly a couple of weeks ago
Maybe he is holding out for a better contract?

andy.connor.e | 29. oktober 2019

that was probably me. last i saw him he made a few posts sometime over the summer, my thinks somewhere around last earnings call. | 29. oktober 2019

I thought JT appeared briefly a few months ago too. The only one I don't remember is Code Orange. Hopefully not a Trump impersonator :)

Shesmyne2 | 29. oktober 2019

Definitely not. Code Orange was the ‘cone’ guy in early days when spots were ICEd.
His writings were hilarious.

Still Grinning ;-)

TabascoGuy | 29. oktober 2019

andy, did you really mean to say 'contributors'?

andy.connor.e | 29. oktober 2019

That was probably giving too much credit. My bad.

lollipop326 | 31. oktober 2019


Tesla-David | 01. november 2019

@shesmyne2, thanks for posting. I certainly remember most of the names you posted. I especially liked following the very informative Volker Berlin posts, where I learned a lot about EVs and the upcoming MS as an EV enthusiast and newbie. My wife and I were very nervous about our first cross country trip in 2014 in our 2012 MS, and got a lot of support from the forum, and following the exploits of the early pioneers who gave us a lot of useful advice that made our trip uneventful and very satisfying. I miss the excitement of those early days, and there was so much less acrimony and discord then from trolls and Tesla haters.

SamO | 01. november 2019

Ha ha ha. Less acrimony. Lol

The trolls were a much bigger problem when they represented 20% of the posts. Now owners are everywhere fighting the b/s.

Shesmyne2 | 01. november 2019

@TeslaDavid & SamO

Yes, it seems all were just happy to own a Tesla and the discord & BS was minimal.
Even with McClary & BrianH it was all taken in good humor and appreciated.
Ah, the good old days...

Still Grinning ;-)