Is tire wear linear?

Is tire wear linear?

All four of the tires on my LR AWD are wearing evenly and are just now starting to hit 7/32 tread remaining. Pretty sure my starting tread depth brand new was around 9/32, so when I hit 18K (assuming my driving style doesn't change) is it reasonable to expect I'll still have 5/32 left, or is tire wear non-linear?

gballant4570 | 05. november 2019

Interesting question. I always assumed it was, but now have doubt. Fairly new tires after breaking in have the best traction or "stickiness", so they would perhaps wear more quickly under the same set of forces as a more worn, therefore smoother and slipperier tire. But our Teslas do an amazing job of traction control - when our tires are more worn or more slippery they do not break traction with any more ease. Does this change wear to being linear?

I cannot say.

gballant4570 | 05. november 2019

Although I can say that the OEM tires on my AWD were down to 1/8 or less at 13.5k miles, and got changed.

Patronus | 05. november 2019

If you have the stock 18" the starting tread depth is 8/32". Driving below 4/32" in the rain is asking for trouble, so the tread depth life on the stock tires is not great.

gballant4570 | 05. november 2019

And so there is a bit on non-linearity between the OP and myself....BTW, 4/32" is 1/8"....

Liferules | 05. november 2019

I also needed to replace my tires at a little over 14K miles--was due for inspection and knew they'd not pass--of note, I started to know they were getting low when the tires were slipping more easily at stop lights--not that I was gunning it, and that was the tell... Can't say either that the decrease in wear was linear but seemed so to me.

lbowroom | 05. november 2019

How could it not be?

Bighorn | 05. november 2019

Tires turn more times per mile as they lose tread.

lbowroom | 05. november 2019

Oh crap, got me. so per revolution, not per swept distance

Randyb359 | 05. november 2019

They turn more times per mile as they lose tread but the odometer will still think it is traveling the same distance per turn so based on the odometer it would not have an effect.

lbowroom | 05. november 2019

Either way it’s minimal. I’m sure Bighorn pointed it out for fun. Another even more minimal factor, I assume tread has draft which means that the tread blocks get bigger, there is slightly more surface area as it wears. More surface area slows down the wear rate, HA!

CharleyBC | 05. november 2019

When I replace my tires, I’ll start taking tread depth measurements daily, recording mileage and date for each reading for the life of the tires. I’ll report back here. See ya in a couple years!

texxx | 06. november 2019

Point taken Charley - this was more one of those "thinking out loud" sort of questions and figured there were enough measurebators around that someone might actually have empirical data. I look forward to your results.:)

jimglas | 06. november 2019

my rear tires wear more rapidly
just an measurebator observation

TabascoGuy | 06. november 2019

I'd say the tire wear is not linear, its circular.

I'll show my self out.