Recent service experience

Recent service experience

2 weeks ago I asked Goodyear to perform an alignment on my vehicle (always have done a great job). After the alignment was completed I started receiving steering errors.

I drove my car to service in Henrietta and was told the steering rack needs to be replaced and the cost would be around 3800 with tax. I contacted Goodyear and explained this happened immediately after the alignment and was told they need to inspect the car.

I asked service to replace the rack and not to wait for the inspector because they had not contacted me for 3 days. That evening I was told I need the driver side tie rod replaced. I asked service to replace both (only $90 each and no extra service charge).

The next day service called and apologized due to diagnostics errors, my problem was a ground not the rack.

The next day they performed an alignment and delivered the car to me last night.

I ordered a driver side upper door hinge (loud click), they installed 2 tie rods, diagnostics, model x loaner for 1 week and did not charge me any labor. The total cost was a little over $400.

Great job finding the correct issue and very nice of them waving all labor.

GoldAK47 | 09. november 2019

Well they should have waived the labor, they broke it...

Bighorn | 09. november 2019

Goodyear performed the initial alignment. Tesla waived the labor. So, no. | 09. november 2019

For having a loaner for a week, my guess is Tesla lost a lot on that service. Glad they took good care of you.

dougk71 | 09. november 2019

What should we take from this...don't let Goodyear service people near a Tesla?
Suppose you wanted new tires should you only go to Tesla to have this done..presumably Goodyear could replace tires but you should you always refuse any wheel alignment unless it is done by Tesla.

Tropopause | 09. november 2019

I buy my tires from Tesla SvC. Not saying it's necessary.

Thanks for the report, Silver.

p.c.mcavoy | 10. november 2019

@dougk71 - "What should we take from this...don't let Goodyear service people near a Tesla?"

While the steering errors started showing up shortly after the alignment by Goodyear, that does not prove causation. There are many reports on this forum about people getting a variety of different alerts related to ground issues. Many of these relate to a main ground connect that appears susceptible to corrosion.

Given Silver lives/drives in an area of the NE that gets a lot of winter weather, and likely a lot of salt exposure, the fact his car experienced a grounding issue is not totally surprising. I think it is just as likely his steering alerts would have shown up without the initial alignment as the issue due to work by Goodyear. Pointing the finger at Goodyear based upon what Silver has provided in his post is I think jumping to a conclusion without sufficient evidence.

Silver2K | 10. november 2019

What's interesting is I've asked to have that particular ground replaced during mobile visits but mobile never has the part.

Bighorn | 10. november 2019

True, but silver is very aware of the corroded ground post issue, so I assume he would have mentioned it if that were the case. I was wondering if they had to unhook any wiring harnesses that might have gotten damaged or not fully seated on reassembly.

Bighorn | 10. november 2019


barrykmd | 10. november 2019

Did you invent that word, BH?

Bighorn | 10. november 2019

That portmanteau?

barrykmd | 11. november 2019

Yes. BTW, just did my Dead Sea float this afternoon. Haven't run into Faisal yet...

Bighorn | 11. november 2019

I like indignorance best. I doubt simulpost hasn’t been used yet by someone. Twitter has taught me that I’m rarely the first one to think of something.
Look for the Jordanian superchargers if Faisal isn’t around to entertain you.

Bighorn | 11. november 2019

Just 16 years behind the times.

barrykmd | 12. november 2019

BH - Have seen one Tesla on the road near Amman. Will post a mideast car report in a few days.