NAV, FSD and Navigating Around Orange Construction Cones

NAV, FSD and Navigating Around Orange Construction Cones

I read today on Electrek that Tesla's NAV (or is it FSD) option includes (or is soon to include) navigating through construction areas that have orange traffic cones. This is very exciting for me as I drive quite a bit using NAV on my S100D (2017, HW2.5) and in the areas I drive, there is often road construction. However i was not so happy to read that this capability is (or will be) available only to cars with HW3, which uses Tesla's self-designed AI processor. The Electrek article does tell us that Tesla has previously announced that a HW3 upgrade will be made available to all those with HW2 or HW2.5 processors that also have paid for the FSD software.

So now my question: does anyone on this board have insight into further developments on this, or when a retrofit kit for the processor will be available?

Electrek's article referenced above can be found here:

TranzNDance | 11. november 2019

I don't have insight, and I think this paragraph is important to consider:
"For example, are customers who purchase FSD today assured that they’re on a cost-free path to Level 5 autonomy? Or is it possible that the second generation of the FSD chip (already in the works) will be required for Level 5 autonomy? Will that chip retrofit, potentially called the “Autonomy Chip,” be included for FSD owners for free, too? Or will a retrofit require purchase of an Autonomy software bundle?"

Unless we know the clear path to full autonomy, then it's not worth it to rush to get the HW if it turns out that it is inadequate, and if so, how much must we pay to get FSD.

Bighorn | 11. november 2019

HW 3 retrofits started in September

Tropopause | 11. november 2019

Is it a case of, "Don't call us, we'll call you?"

SteveZzz | 11. november 2019

Hi @Bighorn: What do you mean by your comment that HW3 retrofits started in September? Is this for real? Are you aware of any examples, or have you heard this directly from Tesla? Thanks in advance for your input.

SteveZzz | 11. november 2019

Hi @TranzNDance: Good point that you made. That said, for those of us who have already paid for FSD, it would be good to have the s/w features as soon as they are available and not be limited by lack of a h/w upgrade.