Model Y - in stores soon???

Model Y - in stores soon???

...while taking my S into service...I was chatting with the services guys, asking to see where they have the hidden model Y...and they said, the they were told that both stores and service centers are getting early models in the next few weeks...I am not trying to start rumors, just passing along what I was told by a Tesla service rep...

Lets hope this is real time, not Musk, if anyone does spot one...please share...

evaandmarty | 11. november 2019

Probably diecast 1:18 beauty

Mathew98 | 11. november 2019

Tesla displayed the M3 in GF2 a year before any official prototype was on the road.

Although it was only a one piece shell with everything gutted inside. Same deal here for MY?

rxlawdude | 11. november 2019

Illustrative of how much (little) front-line Tesla folks are.

rxlawdude | 11. november 2019

are. -> are aware of changes in policy or upcoming events.

MySin_AZ | 11. november 2019

And further-the rep said he was told by the car carrier delivery drivers...service is supposed to get on first, so they can start getting familiar with the Y...given all of the one's seen in the does seem plausible...

Mathew98 | 11. november 2019

"Given all 2 seen in the wild..."

TabascoGuy | 11. november 2019

They aren't making any on the assembly line yet. Soon, but not yet.

Any that may have been spotted are pre-production.