German Gigafactory near Berlin

German Gigafactory near Berlin

Just saw tweet announcing new Gigafactory near Berlin. Probably will take longer than 168 days to build, I would bet!

jimglas | 12. november 2019

where did you see the tweet?

sbeggs | 12. november 2019

Several sources announced it on Twitter, also just a few minutes ago, Elon tweeted, “Giga Berlin”.


jordanrichard | 12. november 2019

Elon mentioned it an event in Germany.

blue adept | 12. november 2019

Tesla is growing and working on bringing safe, conflict-free, competition-surpassing, sustainable, pollution-free automobiles to the world!

sbeggs | 13. november 2019

Southeast of Berlin. Design engineering. Model Y. 2021. Hiring personnel!

jordanrichard | 13. november 2019

An interesting comment on Autoline Daily was that if you think the Model 3 is selling well in Germany, a country that historically prides itself on buying their own cars, just wait until German built Tesla's are available............

sbeggs | 13. november 2019

That's a good point!

TabascoGuy | 13. november 2019

So, until additional lines are added to the GF3 and (proposed) GF4 factories, they will still have to ship S, X, and, Y's from Fremont to China, and, S, X, and, 3's to Germany.

I don't know what the market in Germany is like but is the Y the most competitive vehicle to what's currently available there?

Ross1 | 13. november 2019

Could Sbeggs and Teslatap get together to combine their individual threads??? :)

sbeggs | 14. november 2019

@Teslatap, let's team up!

Grunheide, small village near Berlin, with rail crossing, Autobahn, near unfinished Berlin airport. | 14. november 2019

Sorry about that - I didn't see your post before I wrote mine. Since there are now comments on my thread, I hesitate to delete it. I expect both posts will slide off into he sunset in a few days :)

sbeggs | 14. november 2019

You are right. We won't worry about it then.

jordanrichard | 14. november 2019

The Model S and X will always be built in Fremont and exported. Relative to the Model 3 and forthcoming Model Y, the S and X are niche vehicles. They were not designed nor built to be inexpensive to build and there is more profit in them. So Tesla can afford to export them.

sbeggs | 16. november 2019

Tweet referring to German minister statement:

Begin construction 1Q 2020
Begin manufacturing spring 2021
Deliveries summer 2021

blue adept | 20. november 2019

The German GF actually makes sense given Tesla's recent partnership with Daimler AG on their Smart EQ fortwo cars and German's relatively centralized location in the region makes them ideal manufacturers for the European market.

Kudos Tesla!

sbeggs | 20. november 2019

@blue adept,
That's a really good point.