WH/MI question and does cold dramatically effect?

WH/MI question and does cold dramatically effect?

I just got a 2013 Model S, 85P. Had a few random questions:

- My WH/Mi has been what I think to be pretty high - average in 430's since got the car. I live in Chicago and do all city driving. Im assuming with the cold + city driving the mileage will be pretty bad? Im rated for 230 miles per charge but "actual mileage" through the energy screen is like 120. Which seems crazy to me, no? I dont accelerate fast and try to regen brake as much as possible.

- I park in a garage that isnt heated, would preconditioning be something to do to get better use of the battery? I notice I start out when I start the car at like 800-900 WH/MI

- The superchargers in my area are rated at 75KW but Ive only got 40 tops, sometimes slowing to 20. One is outside and there are 10 stalls. Are they all connected so if more people are charging itll be slower, or is the cold affecting too?

- Ive used about 120 kwh so far. If charging costs .20 cents per (kwh i think?) how much have I spent charging? Is it just 120/.20?

adnowak23 | 12. november 2019


tes-s | 12. november 2019

You have spent 120 * .20 - not 120 / .20.

Slow charging probably due to battery temp.

Preconditioning, and setting charging to stop when you are going to leave, would help range. When you get in a cold soaked car, a lot of energy is used to heat the cabin and battery.

430s sounds about right for short trips in the cold.

tes-s | 12. november 2019

BTW, preconditioning when the car is not plugged in will not get you more range - probably less.

Lots of useful information here:

jordanrichard | 12. november 2019

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Darthamerica | 12. november 2019

You’ll notice minor impact at about 60F. Below that it’s significant, ~10 to 20%+. In extreme cold and on below freezing and on wet/frozen roads it can be ~50%+ depending on how you use climate control etc. Plan accordingly, plug in and keep the car charged just in case... it’s really easy for Mother Nature to throw curve balls!

SamO | 13. november 2019

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marcustcohn | 13. november 2019

OP - check out this link - it is based on real world results for model speed and temperature.

p.c.mcavoy | 13. november 2019

@adnowak23 - You use case (parked in unheated garage without ability to charge, short trips) is probably about the worst case use cycle for winter driving. As others indicated, will be high energy use at first as the battery management system works to warm up the battery pack. If any chance you can find a place to plug in overnight, even a 120V outlet, would help as charging, even slow charging, as effective as anything to preheat the battery.

On longer trips, the impact will not be as great as you’ll see power consumption go down after a little bit and the battery coming up to temp.

Turning range mode on can help as this limits the active heating of the battery. I’m in central Indiana and use that at times if I’m only doing 5 mile type tripe across town where I know I’m just burning energy with minimal time/effect at warming the battery.

As others indicated, cold battery also will result in reduced charging speed.

Welcome to winter.

evaandmarty | 13. november 2019

You have an older 85 Kw car as do I and our cars have seen reduced Supercharging speeds via software update from Tesla in an effort to maintain battery heath and performance so you will rarely see more than 50 Kw speed from a Supercharge.
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RAR | 13. november 2019

You can cut your power usage down considerably by turning the cabin heater off and turning on the heated seat (if you have that feature).

inconel | 13. november 2019

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