Double Tap (AutoPark) Gone?

Double Tap (AutoPark) Gone?

Anybody having issues with the autopark feature since the update?

By autopark I'm referring to the ability to double tap the park button, you would get out of the car and then it would proceed to pull forward and park in your garage or whatever.

All the same settings are still applied because i know you needed the hold to summon feature disabled so all of that is still there but I just can't get it to trigger since the update.


JAD | 13. november 2019

Did double tap ever work on the 3? I thought it only worked on my S. when was it added to the 3?

StepBack | 13. november 2019

It definitely worked for me on my Model 3 prior to this recent firmware update.

jimglas | 13. november 2019

Zombieland mode?

vmulla | 13. november 2019

I don't think it ever worked on the 3.

StepBack | 13. november 2019

It worked as long as you didn't have the option for like continuous hold for summon.

Shamrk1 | 13. november 2019

Not aware of that feature

BSmurf | 14. november 2019

Mine is gone as well after the update. I used it every day. :(

SteveWin1 | 14. november 2019

Tesla hack: If you click the bottom of the cup holder 5 times and then get out, it will go to Starbucks and get you a coffee.