Texas owners - Inspection?

Texas owners - Inspection?

So I got my 3 a year ago so I need to renew the registration. In the past my cars have been exempt from inspection the first year, but when I went in to try to renew it said that I needed to get it inspected. I checked with the DMV and they said that most dealerships apply for a 2 year inspection & registration, but Tesla apparently only did one year. Are other people's experiences the same? Picked mine up at the Dallas service center near Love Field. What a waste of time & money - especially when there are no emissions to look at and the brakes are barely used.

texxx | 13. november 2019

It's another "Texas hates Teslas" thing, courtesy of the Texas Automobile Dealers Association. If you had bought a new car from a dealership in Texas you would have gotten the two-year inspection period, but no, we can't have the Tesla sales model devaluing our precious dealerships (and most importantly our hugely profitable rip-off service business), so it's just another way to try to limit sales. Luckily, none of this crap is working. I see more Teslas every day in Austin.

Liferules | 13. november 2019

Agree, Effopec, really silly to get an inspection on an EV but the law is what it is... I procrastinated a full 3 months but finally got it out of fear of ultimately getting a ticket. The guy at the oil change shop who did it had never done a Tesla...had to ask me how to open the car, how to check the mileage, etc... as others have said, was pretty much a Tesla test drive...

M3phan | 13. november 2019

I checked… Tesla Service Centers in the Dallas area provide annual inspections. No need to go to a third-party

Pepperidge | 13. november 2019

Same to me. Dallas SC

hassan | 13. november 2019

Did the inspection @ the Austin Service Center. Took 25mins and $7. I was able to renewed my registration online the next day.

Bated Breath | 13. november 2019

The "Inspector" asked me to pop the hood. I did. When he put it back down he saw me grinning ear to ear. We both had a good laugh about it. There still aren't a lot of Teslas in San Antonio.

Scrannel | 13. november 2019

Funny how some of these automotive rituals get started. For instance, most municipalities have laws limiting how long a car can be parked on a public before being towed. that one was the brain child of Al Capone.

Varricks | 14. november 2019

Perhaps one day the name will just be changed from "Texas" to "Tesla".

Don't think I'm making fun. I'm in California, so how bright could I be?

billtphotoman | 14. november 2019

Austin is crawling with Teslas so most of the local sticker shop places will inspect your car and send you on your way with your wallet only $7 lighter. I did offer to show them emissions testing mode ;)

Effopec | 14. november 2019

I think $7 is the set fee for EV's. I know that's what I've been charged for my 500e. The place is always surprised when they ring it up and go "wow, just $7 today".

LostInTx | 14. november 2019

Tesla in The Woodlands inspected my LR RWD Model 3 - $7.00

I spent more in tolls to get there.

mcmoyer | 14. november 2019

yeah, it's painless...the inspection was $7.00 and it took more time for me to explain how to drive it than it took to inspect it. Plus, it gave the guys at the inspection station some excitement since they'd never been in a Tesla before.

mps331 | 14. november 2019

for those who took their M3 in a Tesla SC, did you have to call for an appointment?

thank you

M3phan | 14. november 2019

@ mps331, yes, made the appointment in my Tesla app

mps331 | 15. november 2019

@ M3phan - thank you...